Lauren Quinn Joins Lingerie Football League

Friday Night Delights: New Chicago Bliss player Lauren Quinn is ready to kickoff the new LFL season.

The league’s notorious pin-up girl dress code makes it prime fodder for derision from feminist pundits, but one must appreciate that many women of the Lingerie Football League not only are beautiful and sexy but fit and athletic.

And they play hard.

Today, Lauren Quinn begins her quest to become the next Great of the Bikini Gridiron as the hard-hitting hardbody from the Windy City takes the field as a new linebacker for the Chicago Bliss. The team opens it’s season at home against Dallas.

As faithful readers know, Lauren is no stranger to full-contact women’s athletics. She played college rugby at the University of Illinois-Chicago and later for the Chicago Sirens professional team.

Sporty Girl Next Door: Lauren poses during her studio photoshoot.

This year, she’ll join a Bliss squad loaded with fresh faces playing for consecutive trips to the championship game in the 10-team league. Last season, the Bliss fell to Los Angeles in the title game.

Just a couple days ago, the team suited up in their pumpkin-colored two-pieces and posed for pictures during media day at a trendy downtown restaurant. Click here to check out more images and other news from the event.

It’s pretty easy to spot Lauren when glimpsing the team picture, smiling with her bulging biceps, rippling abs and powerhouse quads. If opponents try navigating through the middle of the Bliss defense, they better be quick and shifty enough to avoid steely #16.

If not, they face a punishing tackle from the most muscular and strongest girl on the field, if not the entire league. Game on, ladies.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 10, 2010.

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