Flex Friday — Kate Austin

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Winning the Arnold Amateur is no easy accomplishment and this week we’ve got Kate Austin, who was overall women’s physique champ at the big event earlier this year. The United Kingdom native who now lives in Dubai was still sporting her shredded, powerhouse ways when we caught up with her at the Olympia in Las Vegas. Lots to looks at and enjoy from this sinewy personal trainer here on this Flex Friday.


Throwback Thursday – Melissa Allen

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melissa_allen1 melissa_allen2

dsc_6884 dsc_6889

This week’s Throwback Thursday spotlight belongs to Melissa Allen, a beautiful bikini competitor and former college athlete who has gathered many fans since debuting on the site. These shots are from the 2013 NPC Nationals in Florida where the Tampa native competed.

Flex Friday — Jennifer Gasparova

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Jennifer Gasparova steps into the Flex Friday spotlight in photos from her debut shoot at the most recent North Americans. The Tampa resident finished one slot away from a pro card in her bikini class at the tough Pittsburgh show and remains one to watch as we get ready for another season.

Flex Friday — Sonya Istocka

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We’ve got something different for you on this Flex Friday as Sonya Istocka makes a return appearance and gets into some lift and carry action. It was during a recent new shoot at a hotel where some lucky businessman was able to experience the true strength of the 5’11, 152-pound former volleyball and basketball player.

Photoshoot Recap — 2018 NPC Nationals

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Ashley Bader – Lots of great new faces from NPC Nationals this year and it begins with Ashley, who was the overall physique champion in Miami. The Georgia native started competing in figure in 2015 and this was her first national-level show as a physique girl. Pretty good debut right there.

Brett Catlin Scott – Another tremendous looker in newcomer Brett who came away with a fourth place spot in her figure class.

Elvera Cooper – This might be a record for the quickest encore shoot ever as we just debuted Elvera during this year’s North Americans. But where great talent is concerned, the more the merrier. That said, we’ve not only got a new solo shoot with the gorgeous Elvera but also a Sisters in Arms featuring the kickboxer and former gymnast paired with Kelly Nauyokas.

Gina Cavaliero – A physique/bodybuilding tweener from Florida, Gina just won the overall bodybuilding title at the Tampa Pro in August.

Kathleen Erickson – Kathleen nabbed a pro card with a win in the physique D-class. Check out some great stage footage from one of her shows last year. Great biceps, killer traps and a fun attitude with this standout young lady.

Melissa Feijoo and Haniset Valdes – We’ve got an all-new bikini Sisters in Arms coming up with local girl Melissa, who took the stage in the tall class, and Haniset, who claimed fifth in class-C.

Rachel Nestor – The bikini ranks continue to be a place to find exciting new faces and that’s the case with Rachel, set to make her debut after taking 11th in stacked class-B. Rachel’s got some peaks going on and when you find a beautiful bikini gal with biceps peaks, hold on and don’t let go.

Sarah Bruce – Cute powerhouse Sarah returns to the site for a very welcome encore edition. The Ohio native has been a pro card contender pretty much throughout her short journey as a figure competitor and she hit pay dirt at Nationals with a second place finish in class-C. She’s going to be one to watch right away in the IFBB.

Thea Dougher – Thea came away with a pro card after winning the B-class. It was the first national-level show for the 5’3, 125-pound athlete, who has her sights set on the Olympia as she begins her IFBB journey.

Flex Friday — Jennifer Scott

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We’re coming right back with a Flex Friday feature starring one of our signature girls, Jennifer Scott, volleyball player and coach out of Arizona. These pics are from her latest shoot at this year’s North Americans in Pittsburgh, where she was looking rippling, peaked and very impressive indeed. Jennifer also had one of her best shows ever and finished third in a very competitive tall class. Hitting the stage in this kind of top condition is putting her in the pro card discussion for sure.

Throwback Thursday – Jennifer Scott

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jscott1 jscott2a

It’s Throwback Thursday time and this week we’ve got the leggy former volleyball player Jennifer Scott from her shoot at the 2015 Arnold. The athletic figure turned women’s physique competitor out of Arizona is showing off those trademark bicep peaks with all the confident swagger of a tall, strong, imposing girl.

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