Flex Friday — Julia Kozelka

•September 20, 2019 • 1 Comment

Julia is back in the second half of pics from her great debut shoot, flexing and showing off her strength this time with weights and some improvised pull-ups. Some might say the young bikini star is such a sporty, adorable girl next door with muscle popping out everywhere that you could hardly pass up a chance to feature her a second time on Flex Friday. She is and we won’t.

Flex Friday — Ashley Howell

•September 6, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Ashley Howell steps into the spotlight for this edition of Flex Friday. This young lady out of Ohio is a rock solid addition to the roster who recently punched her ticket to the IFBB pro physique ranks and already pulled off an impressive top three finish on stage. No surprise there as you can see in her photos with thickly developed triceps, baseball biceps and lats so wide she looks positively ready to burst out of her swimsuit. A beautiful blonde powerhouse makes a stunning debut. More please.

Flex Friday — Lindsay Honaker

•August 23, 2019 • 1 Comment

We’re back and next in the spotlight is the platinum-blonde knockout Lindsay Honaker, from her shoot at this summer’s Masters Nationals out in Pittsburgh. This impressive newbie from Columbus, Ohio pulled off the sort of magical crossover you don’t see often, going from the bikini division last year to her current digs in the physique category. Considering she snagged a fourth-place spot in her class at Masters, the change seems to be looking pretty good indeed. And speaking of looking pretty good, Lindsay was shining at Station Square in her debut pics. Could be the sleeper of the year.

Flex Friday – Brooke Holladay

•August 9, 2019 • Leave a Comment

brooke3 brooke6

brooke5 brooke4

Today we take a look back at the blonde starlet Brooke Holladay. Brooke has competed in fitness and has a background in dance and ballet, but it’s logical to imagine, looking at these pictures from a shoot back in 2010, that the strapping 5-foot-8 athlete could easily find her way around a women’s physique stage. Covergirl quality good looks and sexy, powerful muscle for you on this Flex Friday.

Flex Friday — Trina McEuen

•August 2, 2019 • Leave a Comment

We have a serious rising star in the making with Trina McEuen, our latest model and a stunning bikini competitor from the small town of Ashland, Ohio. Trina brings a highly athletic resume to the table from her time spent as a gymnast, cheerleader and volleyball player in high school. Combine that with her intense training in the gym and you now have a nationally qualified bikini girl with definite potential to reach pro status in short order. Meanwhile, Trina does important work away from the stage saving lives as a surgical ICU and trauma nurse. The right prescription indeed on this Flex Friday.

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