Throwback Thursday – Sherie Salvadori

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Sherie Salvadori takes over the spotlight for this edition of Throwback Thursday. This Los Angeles fitness trainer and curvy, overall looker has it all going on in this prime flashback, showing off her athletic legs and core while rocking biceps with some curls during the shoot. Definitely a model worthy of a second look.

Flex Friday – Vicki Diaz

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vicki3 vicki4

vicki1 vicki2

Our latest new model, Vicki Diaz, took a break from the stage for 13 years and thought her competitive days might be over. But she has returned, surprising many — including herself — by winning a physique pro card and qualifying for the Olympia this year. Even though she’s now in her 40s and a busy mom, Vicki’s a terrific example of how it’s never too late to achieve your dreams in this sport. The former cheerleader, gymnast and fitness competitor documented her first experience at the Olympia in this awesome video, where she traces her journey to Las Vegas. So much to like about this beautiful, dedicated and inspiring University of Oklahoma grad.

Throwback Thursday – Brooke Holladay

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brooke3 brooke6

brooke5 brooke4

Today we take a look back at the blonde starlet Brooke Holladay. Brooke has competed in fitness and has a background in dance and ballet, but it’s logical to imagine, looking at these pictures from a shoot back in 2010, that the strapping 5-foot-8 athlete could easily find her way around a women’s physique stage. Covergirl quality good looks and sexy, powerful muscle for you on this edition of Throwback Thursday.

Bikini Spotlight — Abby & Kendra

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abby-kendra1 abby-kendra2

abby-kendra3 abby-kendra4

It’s a bikini double feature with fitness friends Abby Ball and Kendra Newlon showing off their stuff as part of our latest Sisters in Arms shoot that took place during the North Americans over the summer. Abby, rocking her orange top, shows every bit the kind of tight and well-muscled look you might expect from a former gymnast; meanwhile, Kendra gives us a glimpse of that chiseled overall physique that has made her a formidable presence in the bikini tall class ranks. A pair of beautiful young athletes from the exciting bikini division for today’s spotlight. Special thanks to our friend JP who helped out with this shoot.

Flex Friday – Rachel Thorpe

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rachel_thorpe1 rachel_thorpe2

rachel_thorpe3 rachel_thorpe4

This week we celebrate the debut of Rachel Thorpe on the site with new photo galleries and her first set of video clips, so how about we keep the good times rolling with a Flex Friday feature. Our athletic and beguiling 22-year-old rising star is not only a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Florida, but also on the cusp of pro status in the NPC figure ranks. She finished second in the tall class at this season’s North Americans, where her shoot took place. Plus, she’s a former ballerina with long, powerful legs, a solid core, and strong, shapely upper body development. In short, Rachel is a phenomenal new competitor and a knockout looker who we know is poised to capture great things on stage and beyond.

Throwback Thursday – Jacklyn & Lauren

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jacklyn_lauren1 jacklyn_lauren2

We have former fitness turned world class physique shortie Jacklyn Abrams and tall class figure girl Lauren Beckham giving us the long and short of it today for Throwback Thursday. Lauren remains one of our most popular models of all time, and paired with the outstanding IFBB pro Jacklyn — who recently competed in the Olympia for the third consecutive year — makes this shoot from 2012 a true Dream Team.

Flex Friday – Natalie Graziano

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nataliegraz1 nataliegraz2

nataliegraz3 nataliegraz4

Our latest model update, beautiful Natalie Graziano, takes over the spotlight for this edition of Flex Friday. You can see in new pics from her shoot this past summer at the North Americans not only why this striking young lady is a former top cheerleader and gymnast but also a current star IFBB pro fitness girl. There’s something about a pro fitness competitor’s muscle — strong and highly functional that makes the impossible look easy when powering through explosive movements and steady strength moves in a routine — that makes these amazing and wonderful athletes a cut above all the rest. Natalie shows all that and more.

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