Flex Friday — Rachael Nestor

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Rachael Nestor is in the spotlight this week in pics from her debut shoot at the NPC Nationals last year. This athletic cutie out of New Hampshire is a Penn State University alum where she was also a campus fitness trainer. Rachael started training back in high school and since then has fallen in love with bikini competitions. She finished in the top half of a very competitive class down in Miami and really shined for our cameras, sporting a solid physique highlighted by standout shoulders and biceps. Definitely excited to see what Rachael can do on stage as this new year gets underway and hope to see her again along the way. We think you will too.


Flex Friday — Kelly & Elvera

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Our latest Sisters in Arms features a sizzling tandem of top notch newly minted IFBB pros in Kelly Lynn and Elvera Cooper posing in pics from last fall’s NPC Nationals. The tale of the tape is in these pictures of two ladies primed and ready to make their marks at the next level. It’s physique meets figure in a Flex Friday for the record books.

Flex Friday — Natalie Kleinman

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Our Flex Friday girl of the week is the adorable Natalie Kleinman, posing in pics from her debut shoot over the summer. The pool at the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas is obviously a great spot to be during Olympia weekend, and even better when the lifeguard also happens to be Natalie, a former swimmer with girl-next-door cuteness and a toweringly powerful physique. She just started competing in the figure division and with such striking overall muscularity, don’t be surprised if she starts to, pardon the pun, make waves.

Throwback Thursday – Heather Morales

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heather5 heather6

Sexy star Heather Morales proved to be one of the very best finds of 2015 and is an elite pick for this Throwback Thursday. The emerging bikini competitor from Seattle absolutely wowed us during her debut shoot at the Emerald Cup that year, and after pics like these, an encore can’t come soon enough. Heather’s future in the sport certainly looks bright.

Flex Friday — Kristen Dillard

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Kristen Dillard is heating up the spotlight for this week’s edition of Flex Friday, posing in pics from her debut shoot at last season’s Olympia. This sexy Texas cutie is the reigning physique champ in the Lone Star State and more than poised to make waves on the national stage in 2019. Proudly posing in her Cowboys colors, Kristen’s highly seductive muscle charms will turn you into a fan no matter who you root for on Sundays.

Flex Friday — Yanez & Alex

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Yanez Boykin and Alex Christina are here to get things started off on another edition of Flex Friday. These two fit ladies stepped in front of our cameras at last year’s Olympia in Las Vegas and what unfolded is another Sisters in Arms for the books. Plenty of flexing and lift and carry action on hand. Thanks to JP Erickson of the excellent site Athletic Women Magazine for help with this shoot. Click here* to see more of his work.

Flex Friday — Lise Ha Pham

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Lise Ha Pham is back on the site in new pics from a shoot at this year’s Olympia. The fitmom added INBA promoter to her resume and recently competed at a show in WNBF championships in her hometown of Los Angeles in the lightweight bodybuilding class. A lean, chiseled look and outstanding conditioning is her calling card so don’t miss this even-better second look.

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