Flex Friday – Kendall Lou Schmidt

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We’re bringing back the highly impressive Kendall Lou Schmidt along with some news on the outstanding bikini competitor out of Sacramento, Calif. The cover girl worthy Kendall already has a list of achievements that boggles the mind — personal trainer, group fitness instructor, fitness writer, coach, spokesmodel, presenter and examiner for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and a degree in biological science just for starters.

Well, now you can add author to that scroll as her recipe book, The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook, was just released and is available to purchase on Amazon. The book is packed with information, tips on how to plan your diet based on your goals, and all kinds of fitness friendly recipes designed for contest prep, general sports performance or simply living healthy. It’s another proud accomplishment from one of the most talented and knowledgeable young women in the fitness industry.

All that skill and savvy plus girl next door cuteness and those sexy, strong bikini muscles to match. Overall, a pretty tasty mix of ingredients for this edition of Flex Friday.

Flex Friday – Jennifer McArver

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jen_mcarver1 jen_mcarver2

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Our latest model to debut is Jennifer McArver, posing in pictures from her shoot this summer at Jr. Nationals. New to the figure scene, the Houston, Texas native already has two top five finishes this season — second at Jr. Nats and fifth at the recent USAs — and looks to be a rising star in the national ranks. The former crossfit competitor brings some great physique highlights to the table, including a powerful back, chiseled shoulders, impressive upper body features and solid overall conditioning. Plenty to look at and admire for this edition of Flex Friday.

Throwback Thursday – Lori Steele

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lori2 lori1

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Today’s blast from the past features the awesome Lori Steele, a former competitive gymnast and figure girl who eventually won a pro card as a lightweight bodybuilder. Her dense muscularity is on full display in these pics from a shoot back in 2008, showing impressive biceps and quads worthy of dramatic close ups. Not surprisingly, Lori was also a champion powerlifter. Quite the athletic specimen on this Throwback Thursday.

Joanna Wilson, Physique Competitor, Has Passed

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Some very difficult and heartbreaking news to share today, but we just learned that one of our models, Joanna Wilson, has passed away. Joanna was an accomplished and inspirational personal trainer as well as a top national level physique competitor out of Washington state.

Friends related over Facebook that Joanna had been battling a case of pneumonia in recent weeks. Nevertheless, she was determined to compete this past weekend at the NPC USAs. Joanna flew to Las Vegas, but her health turned tragically for the worse.

All of us at Krivs Studio and across the industry are deeply saddened and extend our sincerest condolences to Joanna’s family. If you would like to donate, a GoFund me page has been set up to help the family with expenses at this difficult time.

One of her friends remembered Joanna as “the sweetest most giving person I have ever met. She will be missed.”

Joanna competed several times at the Emerald Cup in her home state and won the overall bodybuilding title at the show in 2010. Honoring Joanna, the Emerald Cup Facebook page read: “She was a loving wife and mother and everyone who knew her loved her. Our bodybuilding community grieves her loss.”

Gone Too Soon: Beautiful Joanna poses during her 2011 shoot.

Gone Much Too Soon: Beautiful Joanna poses during her 2011 shoot.😦

Flex Friday – Esther Kelly

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esther1 esther2

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One of our latest models, the striking Esther Kelly, takes over the spotlight for this edition of Flex Friday. The Florida native’s impressive top five finish at Jr. Nationals, where this contest-shape shoot took place, demonstrated that she continues to be a clear contender for a pro card in the figure division. The cute and curvy brunette shined even brighter for our cameras, showcasing a marvelously steely physique highlighted by cannonball biceps and boulder shoulders. Esther’s upper body is so outstanding she could be a future physique star in the making.

Photoshoot Recap—2016 NPC Masters Nationals

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Behind the Scenes: Lou gets a shot of Michelle Trimble's awesome back during a new shoot at Masters Nationals

Behind the Scenes: Lou gets a shot of Michelle Trimble’s awesome back during a new shoot at NPC Masters Nationals.

We’ve got 6 brand new shoots coming from the Masters Nationals held this past weekend in Pittsburgh, Pa. This was our first time covering the popular annual pro qualifier — officially called the NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals — that draws hundreds of competitors each year and actually takes place at the same venue as the North Americans. Five new KrivsStudio models and one encore with more pictures and info to come as updates come to the site.

* * *

Danyelle Mastarone – Danyelle first appeared on the site back in 2013 when the Pittsburgh native and standout figure shortie competed at North Americans. Since then, the 37-year-old added mom to a resume that already includes cheerleader, personal trainer and prep coach. The Tiny But Mighty One made first call outs and finished sixth in class A.

Heidi Worrell-Osborne – Mighty Heidi makes her debut on the studio with video that promises to have a memorable spin to it so stay tuned. The 39-year-old physique competitor from Oakland, Calif. is owner and coach of Iron Dream Warriors and finished fifth in her class.

Carmen Lonborg – This pretty brunette figure competitor out of Anchorage, Alaska first started competing in 2013 and has made tremendous strides. Although she missed the top ten in what was a stacked class, this was only Carmen’s first national level show and she’s eager to try again.

Danyelle Mastarone flexes from a shoot in 2013. A new shoot with the Tiny But Mighty one is coming soon.

Adorable figure shortie Danyelle Mastarone flexes from a shoot in 2013. A new shoot with the Tiny But Mighty One is coming soon.

Lynn Blachman Caron – Bodybuilding is definitely a family affair in the case of Jersey girl Lynn, who competed along with her husband at the show. At 43, Lynn feels like she’s in the best shape of her life and proved it with a solid fourth place showing in the 40 and over physique B class. She’s looking sliced and vascular during her shoot outside in Station Square, a popular shopping and entertainment district in Pittsburgh. Watch for a cameo appearance from Sammy the Parrott.

Melanie Michelle Trimble – Melanie made the top ten at last year’s NPC USAs and is no stranger to the national level stage. The 44-year-old mom of two was even better this time, finishing fourth in a competitive 35 and over figure E class. A long, athletic California girl with a sporty look.

Jammie Vinton – Last we have Jammie, who claimed seventh in the 35 and over physique C class. The Omaha, Neb. native got off to a splendid start when she began competing two years ago, winning her class and the physique overall title at the 2014 Badger State Championships in her first ever show.

Flex Friday – Shannon Seeley

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shannon_seeley1 shannon_seeley2

Our latest model, Shannon Seeley, recently competed at the Nicole Wilkins Classic in her home state of Michigan and placed second in the women’s physique open class. The former high school and college cross country and track & field runner is our Flex Friday girl of the week, posing in pics from her debut shoot at Jr. Nationals last month. Shannon is now taking the rest of the year off from competitions to work on bringing a tighter package to the stage (likely Jr. Nats again) next season.


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