Flex Friday — Samantha Hattlestad

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We’ve got the highly impressive Samantha Hattlestad front and center for this latest Flex Friday edition. This rising star also trains for the boxing ring and now has moved on to figure competitions where she brings a seriously stacked package to the stage. Lots to look at and admire here but especially jacked shoulders, powerhouse quads, thick and chiseled biceps and triceps to go with striking overall vascularity. Samantha also has that special “it” factor when it comes to those seductive looks that she flashes for the cameras — as in eyes and muscles ready to cast a spell over you.


Flex Friday — Haniset Valdes

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Haniset Valdes is in the Flex Friday spotlight this week in pics from her solo debut shoot from the most recent NPC Nationals in Miami. We’ve been saying over and over that the bikini division keeps producing some of the most exciting and enticing talent across the sport and the promising Hani continues the trend. This covergirl-caliber beauty claimed a top five finish on the South Florida stage and is one to keep an eye on.

Flex Friday – Chara Dixon

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chara2 chara1

chara3 chara4

Chara Dixon is a dazzling new figure girl out of Pennsylvania who quickly established herself as a solid national level competitor when these photos were taken during her debut shoot in Miami in 2016. Away from the stage, the 26-year-old studies biology and nursing and just graduated from Penn State.

Flex Friday — Natalie Kleinman

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Natalie is back for a Flex Friday encore in additional pics from her shoot by the Orleans pool in Las Vegas. These images were captured by our friend JP Erickson and feature some dramatic close-ups of the charming and pretty Natalie’s impressive muscle development and imposing stature. Natalie is an aspiring figure competitor in addition to being a former swimmer and shows it in her outstanding back and overall upperbody size. Feminine muscle, athleticism and power on full display just the way we like it.

Flex Friday — Crystal Leigh

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Flex Friday is on the clock with our latest model, Crystal Leigh, fresh from the first national-level show of the season, the Jr. USAs out in South Carolina. The strapping brunette from Maine brings a sports background with plenty of moves (hip-hop dance, cheerleading and powerlifting) all combining athleticism, energy, showmanship and strength. Crystal is now bringing that plus a lot of exotic beauty and allure to the bikini stage. As you can see, add a solid physique to the mix and the feeling is that she lines up to do quite well indeed.

Flex Friday — Melissa & Haniset

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We’ve got a bikini in arms tandem this week on Flex Friday with a pair of beauties we captured at the most recent NPC Nationals. On the left is strapping tall class competitor and Miami native Melissa Feijoo; and joining her on the right is striking Haniset Valdes, who claimed a top five finish in her class at the show and looks headed for big things in the division. Hani trained her way back from weight issues and now has one of the top physiques — knockout looks and impressive biceps — on the national level. Check her out in this interview from 2017 when she competed at Southern States.

Flex Friday — Sarah Burke

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This week’s Flex Friday spotlight belongs to our newest model, Sarah Burke, an impressive IFBB pro physique competitor from Ontario, Canada. Sarah brings a strong pedigree to the roster in that she is coached by the multi-Olympia, fitness and physique superstar Mindi O’Brien. Can’t go wrong there and Sarah sports a sort of mini-Mindi look in her own right, highlighted by those horseshoe triceps and long, full biceps. She’ll bring all that to the stage and more at her next show, the prestigious Toronto Pro, coming up on June 1. Sarah is also a fitness and Zumba instructor besides being a mom of four.

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