Flex Friday — Lindsay Honaker

We’re back and next in the spotlight is the platinum-blonde knockout Lindsay Honaker, from her shoot at this summer’s Masters Nationals out in Pittsburgh. This impressive newbie from Columbus, Ohio pulled off the sort of magical crossover you don’t see often, going from the bikini division last year to her current digs in the physique category. Considering she snagged a fourth-place spot in her class at Masters, the change seems to be looking pretty good indeed. And speaking of looking pretty good, Lindsay was shining at Station Square in her debut pics. Could be the sleeper of the year.

~ by Dean Sucich on August 23, 2019.

One Response to “Flex Friday — Lindsay Honaker”

  1. hey there can someone fix the Ashley Puida clips in the members area. tech support email address no longer seems to be wrking.

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