Flex Friday – Celia Torres



A radiantly lovely new fresh face out of the Lone Star State, Celia Torres claims the latest Flex Friday spotlight in terrific pics from her wonderful debut shoot at last season’s Nationals. The 34-year-old graduate of Texas Pan-Am holds a degree in communications and can be seen on local television in the San Antonio market where she works as a host, writer and producer. When she’s away from the cameras, Celia is a personal trainer and rising star on the NPC bikini scene. Check out the difference in her unflexed and flexed shots and the way that cute bicep balls up. Yep. Smart, beautiful and striking muscles is our top story this week.

~ by Dean Sucich on March 17, 2017.

One Response to “Flex Friday – Celia Torres”

  1. I watched Celia’s Progress and she was great working out every morning. I admire her commitment to work hard everyday. I wish I could find her in FB, there are so many Celia Torres on FB. Hope she comes back to VB gym and say hi to all the old friends. You are the best.

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