Across Stage and Screen, Sarah Greenbank Shines

Figure Competitor Sarah Greenbank.

Figure Competitor Sarah Greenbank.

Sarah Greenbank, one of our dazzling new models on the studio, is a certified personal trainer and rising figure competitor from Northern California. We caught up with her making a turn on stage at the Contra Costa, the first of two popular amateur west coast shows this spring, where the stylish brunette finished fifth in class B. Two weeks later in Los Angeles, she jumped to fourth place at the NPC Cal State.

Getting even more exposure, Sarah was on TV earlier this year in a workout piece for an NBC news affiliate in Sacramento. The chic California Family Fitness maven expertly demonstrated using a foam roller to massage sore muscles and relive joint stiffness before and after workouts. Check out video of the entire segment.

Sarah is a personal trainer at California Family Fitness.

Sarah is a personal trainer at California Family Fitness.

Not easily outshined, the new galleries of a steely, contest-ready Sarah posing in her stylish turquoise top and jeans near the airport are some of the best of the year. California was at her sunniest on this day, and many of the luminous shots of Sarah flexing against the blue skies — her beautiful, devastating smile and those bright, piercing cat-like eyes melting the lens — are quite possibly fitness magazine worthy.

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