Figure Girl Angie Corbin Has Blockbuster Appeal

Figure girl Angie flashes abs with a smile.

Six-Pack Delight: Figure girl Angie flashes abs with a smile.

Here’s proof that an extensive athletic background isn’t necessarily a prerequisite to make it on stage. Growing up, Angie Corbin wasn’t into sports like many of her figure peers; nonetheless, it didn’t prevent the health-minded 34-year-old from slipping into gym clothes, hitting heavy weights and engineering a shapely, contest-worthy physique.

The fetching 5-foot-4 brunette from Richland, Washington — affectionately known as “The Corbinater” on her picture-packed myspace page — has twice traversed the mountainous Cascade Range slicing through the Evergreen State to compete at the famed Emerald Cup. She was looking steely-sweet after placing fourth in her class when we met up with her at the ‘08 show.

In these highlights, Angie’s tremendous vascularity is on display as she gets the blood pumping with some curls, followed by a great side angle of her granite triceps, and capped off with a beautiful pose of her curvy bicep.

The next Terminator might be hitting theaters soon, but around here our latest feminine muscle blockbuster is now playing. Good for us!


Muscle Minx: "The Corbinater" reveals a hint of playful mischief in this saucy white tank top.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 28, 2009.

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