Figure Spotlight ǀ Ivana Ivusic

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ivana1 ivana2

Ivana Ivusic is in the spotlight this holiday weekend and we’re celebrating with an enticing set of sample pics from her terrific debut shoot at the recent Phoenix Pro, where she finished in second place. This exciting young figure competitor out of Des Moines, Iowa is on the fast track to elite status in the IFBB.

If you’re just now discovering Ivana, that’s because the outstanding 23-year-old has only been on the figure scene for a little over a year. The dark-haired beauty rose to prominence quickly after earning a pro card at last year’s Nationals, and this season she’s been making her way around the IFBB stage in several competitions.

ivana3 ivana4

Ivana finally wrapped up the year with two more top-ten finishes, first at the Kentucky Pro and then at the Felicia Romero Classic a couple weekends ago in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to that, she was in Venice, California working out at the Mecca. Check out this video of her training back and biceps, looking fierce and focused and not a bit intimidated by her first time in the world famous gym.

Be sure to check out Ivana’s excellent new clips posted today where she heats things up with some sexy posing in the Southwest showing off a rippling contest ready physique. It’s only a matter of time before this striking young phenom muscles her way to the upper echelon of the pro league and reaches the Figure Olympia.

Flex Friday – Falon Stacey

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falon1 falon2

Falon Stacey is a fun-loving, athletic girl who loves being strong and healthy. Just take a look at footage from her debut shoot and you’ll see her perform various feats — lift and carry with the guys and taking on tall and well-muscled figure star Jackie Faine in a classic armwrestling showdown — with ease and a smile. More with the multi-sport Alabama native coming soon after her new shoot at the recent Nationals.

Photoshoot recap — NPC Nationals 2014

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Young Guns: Lou photographs Alyssa Nemes at NPC Nationals.

Young Guns: Lou photographs Alyssa Nemes at NPC Nationals.

We’ve got seven new shoots coming from last weekend’s NPC Nationals in South Florida, not a bad outcome considering weather was an issue for the first three days as dark skies coupled with windy conditions and rain knocked out cell signals and prevented a few outdoor shoots. Luckily still plenty of good stuff to come, including four new models, so let’s take a look at the recap.

Paulinka Mora

We’ll start with a few familiar faces and Paulinka leads off. The outstanding figure competitor continued what she started when we met her at the Jr. Nationals earlier this year (she placed third) and ended up winning the tall class and earning a pro card. We caught up with the towering young beauty for another full round of photos but a shorter video segment due to time constraints.

Olivia Moschetti

We’ve also got new material with Olivia Moschetti who is becoming quite a studio favorite by the way. The Colorado standout came up short in her figure class but continues to impress with an astonishing combination of covergirl good looks and muscle. She’s going to be around a long time and it’s something to be thankful for.

Falon Stacey

One more encore to talk about and it’s our multi-sport athlete Falon, looking cute, strong and contest-ready in an elegant evening shoot this time around. We’ll take another look at the Alabama sweetheart coming up in this week’s Flex Friday.

Angeles Casteran

Figure Competitor Angeles Casteran

Figure Competitor Angeles Casteran

Four brand new models coming soon beginning with figure competitor Angeles Casteran. Appropriately enough, Angeles comes from Los Angeles and entered Nationals on quite a roll, winning the overall at both the Titan Grand Prix and the Sacramento Championships. The tall class brunette beauty brings style and artistic flair to her debut shoot.

Gia Macool

A local girl from Orlando, Gia was a popular draw for photographers as she strolled through the lobby. The 5-foot-11 brunette is well over six feet on heels and combines swimsuit calendar curves with subtle bikini muscle. Gia was new to the video portion and this might be more of a model-type shoot than physique, but photos will be impressive.

Marcie Simmons

Marcie likes to call herself “She-Hulk” and you won’t be inclined to argue after you see her. Another fitting name might be “Total Package” — considering she brings deep-cut abs, boulder shoulders, peaked biceps, a powerhouse back and razor-sharp calves to the party. The Nationals was only her third show, but it was enough for the new physique star to claim a pro card.

Alyssa Nemes

Finally we have Alyssa, a 19-year-old newcomer out of New Jersey. Although still just a teenager, Alyssa has a lot going on as both a rising star on the figure stage and a successful personal trainer. And before you mistake her youthful charms for naiveté, remember this Garden State knockout also happens to be a boxing enthusiast among other athletic interests. Cute with muscle and packs a punch — doesn’t get much better than that.

NPC Nationals Weekend in Florida

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Cristina Ortiz

Bikini competitor Cristina Ortiz was front and center in first callouts at the Nationals on Friday.

Prejudging wrapped up at the NPC Nationals in Miami late Friday night and our own Cristina Ortiz looks to be headed towards winning a pro card in the bikini division. The Florida girl made first callouts and was in the center of her lineup, which as everyone knows is usually a very good sign that the judges like you. Finals are scheduled for tonight.

Also in South Beach, Paulinka Mora is competing in the tall class figure division and Olivia Moschetti is muscling her way through the physique division. Both women have placed well this year and appear to be on point again from images posted on social media at the show. They will be hard to beat.

More news coming up including a rundown of all the latest photoshoots headed our way.

Flex Friday – Fe Hackett

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fe1 fe2

Here to kick it up on notch is Windy City figure competitor Fe Hackett, bringing a sassy blend of youthful exuberance and athletic muscle to this latest edition of Flex Friday. Fe was a strong finisher at the Jr. Nationals this past summer, placing sixth in her class in her hometown national show. The rising star will be a formidable presence in the division next season.

Flex Friday – Toni & Shelby

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toni_shelby1 toni_shelby2

Some double trouble on this week’s Flex Friday as we present photos from our shoot with fitness friends Toni Wheeler and Shelby Maynard from the North Americans this season. Shelby (teal top and shorts) is a rising young fitness competitor out of Indiana and Toni, also a personal trainer, switched from fitness to women’s physique.

Throwback Thursday – Olivia Moschetti

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olivia_4 olivia_5

We love our Olivia Moschetti around here and it’s pretty easy to see why. For starters, she’s added quite a bit of size since these pictures from her first shoot back in the summer of 2013. The blond beauty from Colorado is currently prepping for the upcoming NPC Nationals and has to be considered a favorite in the physique category given the improvements she’s made.

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