Flex Friday – Hayley Brylewski

•October 17, 2014 • 1 Comment

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Hayley Brylewski takes a turn in the spotlight for this Flex Friday. Just in case you overlooked her last video update (In the Gym 3) make sure to check it out. The strong and sexy personal trainer and fitness model out of the United Kingdom gives a dazzling demonstration of strength and control on the pull-up bar during a shoot at the Arnold earlier this year. It’s must-see muscle and fitness.

Throwback Thursday – Erica & Fawnia

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We flashback today with a pair of industry legends, Erica Cordie and Fawnia Mondey, in their classic tandem shoot from 2011. Having a fan favorite like Erica share the lens with popular Canadian fitness model Fawnia is something worth looking back on; seeing the beautiful ladies admiring each other’s muscles is an added treat. Adding to the star power, Dan Ray lends a hand with photography.

Flex Friday – Yeon Woo Jhi

•October 10, 2014 • 2 Comments

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Nothing like brand new sample pics to get your weekend started off right. We have a treat today with the latest from Yeon Woo Jhi. Of course we’ve seen this young bodybuilder/physique competitor on the site many times before but perhaps never as striking as this. The South Korean sensation is at her most beautiful in these spectacular photos from the recent Olympia in Las Vegas. A can’t-miss Flex Friday classic.

Throwback Thursday – Katelyn Hasley

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Katelyn Hasley, a personal trainer and yoga instructor from Oakdale, California, steps into the spotlight for this Throwback Thursday. The national-level women’s physique competitor took sixth at the NPC Nationals in 2013.

Throwback Thursday – Tina Durkin

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Tina Durkin was one of just a handful of the best fitness pros in the business during her career — she was a four-time Olympia competitor and appeared numerous times on the Arnold stage in her native state of Ohio. She retired from competing in 2012 and is now a crossfit trainer. Tina was poised for greatness and at her most beautiful in this fantastic early shoot on the studio back in ’07-’08. A first-class lady in a classic Throwback Thursday.

Flex Friday – Jennifer Underwood Kallas

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New videos of Jennifer Underwood Kallas just posted makes this a perfect time to feature the physique competitor for Flex Friday. The personal trainer out of Ohio finished fifth in her class at Jr. Nationals over the summer. Here’s another video of her practicing her routine for the show.

Photoshoot recap—Olympia 2014

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Physique Pro Tish Shelton leads off 4 new shoots from Las Vegas.

Physique Pro Tish Shelton leads off 4 new shoots from Las Vegas.

Four new photoshoots coming soon from the 50th Olympia show so let’s get right to the recap beginning with Tish Shelton in her second shoot on the studio. The physique pro from Alabama—who competed at the Greater Gulf States and Wings of Strength Chicago Pro this season—looked fantastic over the weekend and was a popular draw with photographers. Also returning in a brand new shoot is South Korean bodybuilding sensation Yeon Woo Jhi.

Two new models make their debuts including the striking new physique competitor Megan Trimmer in a photos-only, offseason shoot. This mini-shoot will be a nice primer for things to come as we hope to work with the outstanding personal trainer out of Phoenix, Arizona down the road when she’s in contest shape. Megan was a top ten finisher at the Jr. Nationals this past summer and has the stuff to be a future pro card contender.

Also making her debut is physique pro Karin Hobbs, who qualified for her second Olympia and placed 11th in Las Vegas over the weekend. The Kim Oddo Angel and Boise, Idaho native was overall champ at the 2014 Golden State Pro. One more footnote, we’ve got connections with a couple more girls ready to shoot as soon as they get close to competing. Don’t have too many details right now but can say that this news should please bikini fans out there. Stay tuned.

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