Photoshoot Recap: Europa Phoenix Pro 2014

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Physique Phenom: Striking young Hanna Hallman is coming soon to the studio. Photo credit: Dan Ray

Georgia Peach: Striking young Hanna Hallman is coming soon to the studio. Photo credit: Dan Ray

Our main man Lou made the trip to Arizona last weekend for the Europa Phoenix Pro and returned with four new shoots for us to enjoy. It’s IFBB contest coverage on the studio sure to warm things up a bit as the weather gets cooler. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best and, of course, new pictures to come.

Hanna Hallman

Hanna is a superb young phenom out of Atlanta who took the stage for the first time last August and remarkably became a pro just three months later. Since then, it’s been a busy first year with competitions in Phoenix, the Greater Gulf States in New Orleans, Dallas Europa and Orlando Pro. Ahead of her first pro season, Hanna was targeting back, biceps and quads.

The 23-year-old was very active in high school athletics — participating in everything from basketball, softball and golf to tennis, track and cheerleading — before starting out as a figure competitor. But she was a better fit for physique and proved it by winning the overall in class A at the 2013 NPC Nationals. With numbers like that, an Olympia berth seems well within her grasp.

Danielle Kifer

I promised some exciting news about Danielle and if you posited that a brand new photoshoot with the beautiful figure girl was on the way, I’m pleased to say you are correct. Our longtime favorite southern belle was back on stage this year for the first time since 2011, competing in Phoenix and also against a tough field at the California Governors Cup in Sacramento.

Tracy Weller

Tracy Weller

Even though she took a break from competing herself, Danielle has never been far from the spotlight or the gym. She remains one of the most successful personal trainers around and her biz, Team Pink Muscle, is a leading source for contest prep and coaching in her home state of Louisiana. She’s also a promoter of the NPC Camellia Classic, a regional show held annually in the down in the Bayou.

Tracy Weller

Tracy hasn’t slowed down since winning a pro card last season. The Phoenix Pro was her sixth competition of 2014 and the amazing and tireless physique standout made top ten at the Toronto Pro Supershow and St. Louis Pro. This will be her second shoot for us.

Ivana Ivusic

Another relative newcomer to the stage, Ivana won her pro card at the ’13 Nationals with a second place finish in figure class B. The personal trainer from Des Moines, Iowa competed at the Chicago and Tampa Pro this year but was really on her game in Phoenix, where she finished second overall. This will be her debut shoot on the studio.

Flex Friday – Esther Carnabuci

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esther1 esther2

Our Flex Friday pick of the week is physique competitor Esther Carnabuci, seen here in her debut shoot at this year’s North Americans in Pittsburgh. The 34-year-old mother of two is also a fierce crossfit athlete with a background in track & field and powerlifting. But we can’t help being mesmerized by those signature, split biceps.

Throwback Thursday – Danielle Kifer

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danielle_kifer_204 danielle_kifer_215

Figure pro Danielle Kifer takes over the spotlight as we wind the clock back to ’07 for this special edition of Throwback Thursday. Danielle is an all-time favorite and easily one of the most beautiful figure competitors in the world. After some time off, she was busy again on stage this year, competing in three IFBB shows. More exciting news about her coming up this weekend so stay tuned.

Interview with Pro Physique Competitor Andrea Boudreaux

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Ageless Beauty: Physique competitor Andrea Boudreaux poses after winning a pro card at the 2014 North Americans.

New Champ: Physique competitor Andrea Boudreaux poses after winning a pro card at the 2014 North Americans.

Most people in their twenties or thirties would be happy to look as good as Andrea Boudreaux does today. The 52-year-old personal trainer from New Orleans says her youthful look is owed mostly to family genes, but a longtime passion for fitness has certainly played a part in the development of this remarkable mother of two kids currently attending college.

Even more impressive, Andrea reached another milestone this year when she claimed a pro card in the women’s physique division at the NPC North Americans. It was the fifth show overall for the 5-foot-2 short class standout, but just her first ever on a national level. She was only a few weeks removed from big wins at the NPC Cajun Showdown in her home state, where she swept the physique open, novice and over-35 categories even though she was the oldest competitor on stage.

The former state Taekwondo champion hasn’t always been in perfect shape. After her second child was born, she tipped the scales at over two hundred pounds and later endured knee surgery, but her lasting commitment to health and fitness helped overcome difficult challenges. Just take a look at some of the pictures from her shoot in Pittsburgh during the weekend of her pro card win — Andrea’s great overall look is highlighted by a chiseled upper body, pitch perfect conditioning and absolute cover girl level beauty.

Armed & Dangerous: Andrea reps with 30lbs for curls to sculpt her signature biceps.

Armed & Dangerous: Andrea reps with 30lbs for curls to sculpt her signature biceps.

These days, weekends tend to be quiet as Andrea uses Friday nights to prep meals for the upcoming week and treats herself to a cheat meal on Saturday. But if the absence of a social life is redeemed by something, it might start with those shiny new trophies on her mantle, that pro card, and that amazing reflection she gets in the mirror.

Last week, I caught up with the wonderful new pro to get some thoughts on her win and a look at what’s next in her journey.

Dean: What areas did you target in your training to prepare for North Americans and how did it feel coming away with a pro card in Pittsburgh?

Andrea: “The target to prepare for North Americans was leaning down my legs! I only trained hard for 12 weeks before the show. I decided very late to do the Cajun Showdown and from my progress getting ready for that show, my trainers convinced me to go to Pittsburgh. It was and still is a very surreal feeling that I got my pro card on my first attempt on a National stage with so little prep time. I immediately thought to myself once I was awarded it, ‘ok, now it is time to get serious!'”

Dean: Any plans to do a pro show next year?

Up Next: The personal trainer plans to make her pro debut at the Emerald Cup next May.

Coming Up: The personal trainer plans to make her pro debut at the Emerald Cup next May.

Andrea: “I plan to make my pro debut at the Emerald Cup in Seattle in May. I started training for it two weeks after I got the pro card. Trying to gain size in areas that I need to be competitive on that level.”

Dean: Do you have some favorite sports that you played growing up or still play for fun?

Andrea: “Tennis was my favorite sport and I ran cross country, but I do neither now. Weight training, teaching spin class and a group class that does HIIT, as well as personal training are my sports now.”

Dean: You must get so many compliments on your fit and healthy look. Can you share a story of a time when you surprised someone with your physique or strength?

Andrea: “I wish I could, lol. I do not get many compliments actually. In my area I am very much not the norm. I get stared at a lot but not always favorably. In the gym when I am lifting, some guys look in surprise or awe but I am rarely approached with a compliment. Many who are not that strong just make comments that I lift more than them. It seems more people are surprised at my physical fitness for my age than anything.”

Flex Friday – Tish Shelton

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tishnew1 tishnew2

Another Flex Friday hot off the presses and this time it’s Tish Shelton in new material from her encore shoot at last month’s Olympia. The Alabama physique competitor was busy in her first season as a pro, taking the stage in four shows and finishing top ten twice. She’s already bulking up for next season and looking stronger than ever ahead of the 2015 campaign.

Throwback Thursday – Casie Shepherd

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casie1 casie2

Casie Shepherd is set to make her long awaited pro debut this weekend at the IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro. We were fortunate to catch up with the former figure competitor from Minnesota when she switched to women’s physique and won her pro card at the Jr. Nationals back in 2012.

Flex Friday – Hayley Brylewski

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hayley1 hayley2

Hayley Brylewski takes a turn in the spotlight for this Flex Friday. Just in case you overlooked her last video update (In the Gym 3) make sure to check it out. The strong and sexy personal trainer and fitness model out of the United Kingdom gives a dazzling demonstration of strength and control on the pull-up bar during a shoot at the Arnold earlier this year. It’s must-see muscle and fitness.

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