Interview with Janet Gerber

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Janet Gerber

Beginning her competitive journey as a lightweight bodybuilder, Janet Gerber earned an overall title when she took the top spot at the 2010 NPC Florida State Championships. This year, the 36-year-old downsized for a stint in the new physique division. The results were mixed—three shows produced only one top ten finish—but, more importantly, so were Janet’s feelings about the move itself. She missed training like a bodybuilder.

So, as she reveals in this new interview, it’s back to bodybuilding for Janet in 2012. Back to growing and sweating and sculpting her body into championship form. Back to lifting heavy like the Oklahoma native did when she started training overseas in the mid-90s, working out at a modest little gym in Northern Italy full of free weights and big-ego guys that reminded her of the movie “Rocky.” I just know you’re thinking of that song.

Seriously though, at a time when the landscape is tilting away from women’s bodybuilding to the other divisions, it’s refreshing to see a competitor go with her heart and return to where her true passion lies. I have a feeling many diehard female bodybuilding fans will have another hero in Janet. Let’s hear more…


Dean: Were you always active and fit growing up? What sports were you involved in during high school or college?

Janet: “I was active growing up as a young kid but I never played any organized sports.”

Dean: When did you first begin working out with weights and thinking about fitness as a lifestyle?

Janet: “I lived in Northern Italy for a few years, back in 1995. I started training at the small gym there. The gym was humble, nothing like a Gold’s gym with an abundance of machines and equipment. This gym had mostly free weights. It was a basic, Rocky-style gym, so it forced me to train like a bodybuilder. Seeing quick results motivated me to keep pushing myself harder.”

Janet's stats -- Age: 36; Height: 5'3"; Weight: 125 (contest), 145 (off season); Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Grew Up In: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Current Residence: Central Florida

Dean: How did the changes feel when you started developing more strength and muscle? Did you get a lot of positive feedback?

Janet: “I trained 5 days on and 2 days off, and my strength developed quickly. I kept up with the guys since there weren’t any females that trained there, so that helped me push harder and motivated me to throw the weight around. I definitely got noticed in the gym and outside of the gym.”

Dean: What motivated you to try competing and when did you start? Did friends at the gym take notice of your great potential?

Janet: “I remember being asked by someone to participate in a show in Italy, but I had no clue what ‘competing’ meant. It wasn’t until I moved back to the states when I attended my first show, 2007 Florida State Bodybuilding Championships, that I knew I wanted to compete. I didn’t know the difference between figure or bodybuilding. After seeing the show, I knew bodybuilding was what I wanted to do. In fact, a trainer from my gym competed in that show. I hired him to prep me for my first show. I had to start out with an off season to put on muscle, and then diet down for the show. After a year of prepping for my show, and the drastic changes that occurred, I had many asking me for advice and training tips.”

Dean: This year you switched from bodybuilding to the new physique division, which really seems to fit your look. What are your thoughts on the change? Do you think the judges may have overlooked you?

Janet: “I feel honored to have competed in Women’s Physique and proud to be one of the pioneers in the new division. With that said, my heart is in bodybuilding and I plan on going back to my roots and compete again in bodybuilding. I toned down for WP and with the start of my off season, my plan is to put on more size and bring a bigger, harder, conditioned look for the stage. My thoughts on WP is that because it is so new, the division is still being developed. I think it will take some time for the WP ‘look’ to be established.”

Dean: What changes to your physique have made you most proud so far and what areas are you focusing on improving to really separate you from the crowd next year?

Janet: “I feel my training over the years has helped me develop great structure and symmetry. There’s always room for improvement, and my plan is to grow and put on size. Bodybuilding is an art and you have to train to develop yourself into a masterpiece on stage. By putting on more size, coming in conditioned, and with my structure, I think that will be hard to beat on stage.”

Grow Time: After giving physique a try in 2011, Janet returns to bodybuilding in 2012.

Dean: What’s next for you? Have you circled any dates on your 2012 contest calendar yet?

Janet: “I have officially started my off season training. It was postponed due to feet surgery. Yes, BOTH feet had surgery and are almost fully recovered now. My plans are to see how much I can grow and that will determine which show I plan on competing in. Most likely it will be towards the end of 2012. I will re-qualify in bodybuilding for a National show in 2013.”

Dean: What would you say are your biggest goals with working out and being involved in the fitness industry?

Janet: “Working out has had a huge impact on my life. It has allowed me to really get to know my body, how it reacts to certain diets, to listen to it and live a healthier lifestyle. My main goal is to just continue to improve. I have a vision for how I’d like my physique to look and so that is something I will continue to strive to achieve and refine over the years. I enjoy being a part of the industry as well. I have worked as an expediter the past two years for the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships as well as the other local NPC shows. During that time I have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people that have influenced me to be a better person. In turn, I hope I will be able to influence others.”

Dean: Do you have any favorite pros or role models in the sport who particularly inspire you?

Janet: “I admire Tina Chandler. Not only is she an absolute amazing athlete, she has a heart of gold and is always positive. I believe when you interact and surround yourself with such people, you grow stronger inside and out. It’s contagious, your attitude flows towards others whether we realize it or not.”

“Bodybuilding is an art and you have to train to develop yourself into a masterpiece on stage.” -- Janet

Dean: What are some of the other ways you stay active? Do you also work as a personal trainer or have any favorite athletic hobbies?

Janet: “I love walking on the trail. I have a trail near my house that goes on for miles on end. I put on my ipod and get lost in the beauty of the out doors. I also love the beach here in Florida which is good for throwing the football around or taking a stroll and soaking in the rays.”

Dean: Is there anything we can help you promote (trainers, sponsors, website, etc.) or any special shout-outs you’d like to give?

Janet: “I just launched my website: I’ll be updating the site with photo galleries, video clips, training sessions, and MORE! Stay tuned because 2012 will feature exclusives! Also, Please check out and ‘LIKE’ Janet Rosa’s Facebook page at:

“I want to thank all my family and friends that have been so loving and supportive. I also would like to thank Lou and Dean at KRIV STUDIO’S. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you.”

Quick Takes – Holiday Edition

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Here’s some random pics for your viewing pleasure. Happy holidays, everyone!

Top pro bodybuilder Alina Popa has reason to smile after taking third at the Arnold and fifth at the Olympia this year…

North American bodybuilding champ Gillian Kovach gets ready for her first pro season in 2012…

Heather Dees earned an Arnold invite after her sensational rookie campaign included the Figure Olympia…

Hulking new physique competitor Lindsay Mulinazzi stalks the camera with her signature ferocity and striking blue eyes…

Cool, confident Erica Cordie smiles before demonstrating her arm wrestling prowess…

National-level competitor Katherine Fratello is yet another reason why physique was a hit in its first year…

And finally, Katka Kyptova flexing at the beach is a reminder that summer will be back before you know it.

Bodybuilding Champ Janet Gerber Turns to Physique

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If you had a “wow” moment watching Janet Gerber’s expert moves during clips from her shoot at Jr. Nationals over the summer, there was good reason. The raven-haired beauty learned how to hit the poses as a standout lightweight bodybuilder, winning the overall at the NPC Florida State Bodybuilding Championships in Orlando last year, before shifting to physique’s short class in 2011.

Here’s some great highlights of Janet’s winning routine in her home state. Note where she took her class and then used a solid combination of conditioning, symmetry and balance—plus more of that perfect posing and presentation—to beat a bigger competitor for the overall crown.

Out of three physique shows this past year, Janet’s best finish was only ninth at Jr USAs, astonishing considering her polished look and previous success. Odds are good that the Team Body Tech member will rebound quickly and won‘t be an afterthought in the division by this same time next season. She’s too impressive to be flying under the radar for very long.

Meanwhile, now that you’ve seen video it’s time to sneak a peak at photos from Janet’s first shoot which hopefully won’t be the last.

Post-Nationals Interview with Cassie Rowe

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Cassie Rowe

Making a late push for best new model of the year is North Carolina lassie Cassie Rowe, a bright new star of the physique division after a dazzling fifth-place finish (out of 30 competitors) in the tall class at this year’s historically competitive NPC Nationals. The 25-year-old began the spring as a figure competitor but a pair of disappointing finishes—ninth at Jr USAs followed by the dreaded “did not place” at Team Universe—prompted the late-season crossover and subsequent resurgence.

Cassie’s athletic background and contest history suggests this latest switch was in the cards all along. The beautiful former competitive cheerleader was a figure champ as recently as last fall and a bodybuilding champ back in her teens. She now packs a knockout punch of exquisite good looks and shapely muscle that is on the threshold of greatness.

Big thanks to Cassie for graciously taking time out over the holiday weekend to answer a few questions, reflecting on the big show in Florida, paying heartfelt tribute to her late grandfather—who got her started in the gym—and looking ahead at training and contest plans for what could easily be her breakthrough season next year.


Dean: Having tried bodybuilding and figure, it sure looks like you’ve found the perfect fit in women’s physique. Now that you’ve made your debut, what are some of your thoughts on the new division? Is it the most fun you’ve had competing?

Physique Ingénue: One of the year’s best, a rising star with dramatic peaks, stunning Cassie will be pro card contender in 2012.

Cassie: “I certainly think I have found where I belong and with that being said, I do love the new division. I do, however, feel that it should have at least one more height class. If you look at the other girls I was against in the top five, I’m the tallest one! Plus, the amount of girls in each class was insane!”

Dean: With competitor numbers so high this year, were you a little nervous or extra excited knowing you were participating in the largest NPC show ever? Did you do anything different in the hours before showtime or just stick to a regular routine?

Cassie: “I had mixed emotions about the high number of competitors in the show. I was nervous, but also honored to be able to compete against such great competitors. With the Women’s Physique prejudging starting so late, I had a lot of free time, which was different from Figure. I took my time doing last minute touchups with makeup, sort of got in my zone, and talked to my grandfather (deceased) which is a ritual for me before my shows. He was the one to took me into the gym for the first time when I was 13!”

Dean: Did you make any new friends or have any adventures at the venue or on the trip? Were some other members of your Iron Mulisha training team also there competing or cheering you on?

Cassie: “I drove down to Jacksonville, Florida where my coach, Sarah Long, lives that Monday before the show. I stayed with my good friend Jessica Thomspon Cordova there, who also competes and we had quite the adventure on the drive from there to Miami! I did make some new friends backstage with a lot of the other physique girls.

The figure turned physique competitor with a sexy pose during her Nationals shoot.

“There were not any members of the Iron Mulisha there but I did have many team members with Team Long there for support and that is who does all my diet, training, and contest prep. It was awesome having them there! It’s always great meeting those that have that passion for this sport like I do. These competitions are the one place where I feel normal because I’m surrounded by those who do what I do, unlike the feeling of being an outcast when walking into the store and being stared at like a freak.”

Dean: You definitely finished the year on a very positive note. Now that it’s off season, what sorts of things are you going to focus on in the gym to help you win that pro card next time? Are you planning on a return to Jr. USAs in the spring?

Cassie: “I definitely feel like that Pro card is right at my finger tips so this next prep will definitely be intense but even more motivating. I think my focus will be a lot on trying to develop my abs a little bit more, especially the lower abs. I also may try and add a little size to my legs and middle back. I gave myself this week to sort of eat what I want, no lifting, light cardio, and spend time with friends and family. I will be getting a plan from my coach starting on Monday as far as diet and workouts. I am considering the Jr. USAs, and will hopefully have that decision final within the next couple of weeks. I will be attending the Arnold, but only for networking and to support those who are!”

NPC Nationals Photoshoots

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Coming Attractions: A new shoot with Jessica Bowman is part of a lineup from 2011 Nationals.

Rainy weather washed out some opportunities but record-breaking competitor numbers left plenty of room for photoshoots at the 2011 NPC Nationals. Drier conditions led to new shoots with studio mainstay Abby Marie and an encore with Nikki Warner on the beach in South Florida. And there’s some new faces in the mix.

Hardcore bodybuilding fans expect an exotic flair in Lisamaris Davila Vacques, a 23-year-old phenom out of Puerto Rico, and big Kashma Maharaj from Trinidad. A new shoot with Ohio’s ageless wonder Carrie Walend is also on tap.

Physique and figure feature an encore with Jessica Bowman, plus new faces Christina Toon and Avis Ware. Michelle Bigler makes a cameo appearance during Christina’s shoot and the two ladies have an exciting arm wrestling duel you won’t want to miss.

Last but not least, Cassie Rowe and Jill Brooks get together for a Sisters in Arms segment. Cassie’s solo shoot premiers today and stay tuned for my exclusive after-show interview with her coming up tomorrow.

Interview with Fitness Competitor Babette Mulford

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Babette Mulford

Building a championship-caliber physique has been like designing a sculpture for former competitive waterskier turned fitness star Babette Mulford, who danced rhythmically and flipped acrobatically across three national stages in 2011. Carving and chipping out a path to the pro ranks, however, has been the trickier part.

During an interview this week, the 37-year-old alluded to the possibility that age and the repeated pounding of fitness training could be catching up with her. “I’m having problems with moves I used to do with ease,” she said. You’d hardly guess as much seeing her execute a barrage of awe-inspiring tricks.

Still, it was a topsy-turvy 2011 campaign for the Iowa native. Babette finished second in her class at Jr. Nationals—just missing a pro card—then slipped to sixth at Team Universe before climbing back to third at North Americans. She’s hoping a turn back the clock resurgence can help her ahead of next season’s planned debut at the 2012 Jr. USAs on May 19.

“I’m actually looking to get back to where I was in 2009 and 2010,” she says on fine-tuning her physique. Behind the tutelage of trainer Mike Davies and fitness champ Adela Garcia, there’s a good chance Babette will return to that level and perhaps snatch that elusive pro card.

The youthful 5-foot-2 blonde ball of energy still has plenty of spark and exuberance and loves the self expression and irresistibly raucous, crowd-pleasing tempo of fitness. Just don’t ever ask her to reveal any new fitness theme ideas. Those are top secret.


Dean: What motivated you to try competing in fitness and when did you start? Did you have a role model in the industry that inspired you?

Making Waves: Babette was into competitive waterskiing from age 5 to 18. Her dad teaches the sport.

Babette: “In 1999 I was on an adult dance team called the CR Spirits. We danced at a bodybuilding competition’s intermission. I thought it was interesting so I stayed and watched. There was only one woman in the whole show. After almost nine months I got up the courage to contact the lady through her hair dresser.”

Dean: Could you share some of your favorite contest experiences or best placings?

Babette: “My favorite thing about fitness is meeting Wendy Gardner. I’m not a girly girl and I don’t talk much. I do laugh a lot, which I get that trait from my dad. Wendy was a chatter bug when we first got to know each other waiting to get our make up done in New York. She gave me the courage to contact Mike Davies to be my trainer. She is such an important part of my life both in fitness and in everyday happenings. I am truly grateful to have her in my life.”

Dean: About how long does it usually take you to figure out and perfect a routine? What were some of your favorite themes and are there any new ones you are working on?

Babette: “Perfect…well no pro card yet! So I guess I haven’t but the Forrest Gump I thought was totally me. I’ve loved all my themes. You are asking about my new themes…ARE YOU CRAZY? You can ask a fitness competitor about her age, weight, and if she has had any plastic surgery BUT DON’T DARE ASK HER CLOSEST SECRET OF HER THEME IDEAS.”

Click to watch Babette’s routine at 2011 Team Universe.

Click to watch Babette’s routine at 2011 North Americans.

Showing off some contest-shape vascularity during a 2011 shoot at Jr. Nationals. Babette placed second in her class at the show.

Dean: What kind of reaction have you gotten from family and friends on your healthy look and habits? Have you inspired anyone you know to begin working out?

Babette: “My family doesn’t say anything. I have my friend Jill that is fun to bounce ideas off of as far as eating well and exercising. Jill is one of those great friends that just lets you vent if you’re having a bad day. I don’t think I have inspired anyone to work out more but I have inspired many to change their eating habits and drink more water.”

Dean: Could you share a memory when you surprised someone with your physique or strength? What sort of comments did you get?

Babette: “Oh I love this story! I teach with the CR Spirits dance studio and I once had a little girl that was normally brought to class by her grandmother. When I got the chance to meet her mom after class the first thing out of her mouth was, ‘I thought you were a new super hero.’ Apparently the little girl had explained one of my fitness routines moves to her mom.”

Dean: What would you say are your biggest goals with working out and being involved in the fitness industry?

Babette: “I don’t have any current industry involvement goals but as far as working out I will be adding stretching 6 to 7 days a week and more focused time for developing my fitness skills. This is all thanks to an amazing four day weekend I just had training with Adela Garcia.”

Dean: Besides working out and routine practice, what are some of the other ways you stay active? Do you have any favorite hobbies?

Fitness Calendar: Next up for Babette will be NPC Jr. USAs in spring of 2012.

Babette: “Hunting. I bow deer hunt, I already got my buck on the second day of the season and field dressed it for the first time by myself via my boyfriend giving me moral support and helpful hints.  That is a true test of patience and communication… I love to sew, read and play on the Internet.”

Dean: Is there anything else we can help you promote (website, sponsors, personal training business, etc) or any special shout-outs you’d like to give?

Babette: “I’m sponsored by Nutri Sport and Oasis Tanning & Hair Salon… I teach for the CR Spirits dance studio… I train with Julie & Mike Davies, Adela Garcia and Nicole Duncan. Shout-out to my best friends at Truck Country, where work has to deal with my annoying energy and grumpy moods, Ang, Ed, Aldin and Ridder, ‘cuz I work out.’”

Interview with Figure Competitor Katrinka Danielson

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Katrinka Danielson

Katrinka Danielson is one of those models who leaves the impression that she just loves every minute of being fit. She’s been featured on the site twice—once in a solo shoot at the Arnold in Columbus and last time in tandem with Sara Butler at the Emerald Cup in Seattle—and both times the charming and beautiful figure competitor shined for the camera, lighting up every frame with her energy, joyous smile and engaging personality.

However, as Katrinka shared with me in a recent interview, she wasn’t always the perfect picture of health that she is today. Growing up on a farm in the tiny hamlet of Vida, Oregon, she was overweight as a kid. Later, peer pressure turned out to be a positive thing and by middle school, resolving to become more active, Katrinka joined the track and cheerleading teams. It was just the turnaround she needed.

Athletics were a start but her transformation really began to take shape when she hit the gym and started to closely watch and study her nutrition. In 2006, six months after starting a serious weight training program, she fell in love with the challenge of competing after attending her first figure show. A year later, she made her own figure debut.

Now 35, Katrinka continues to make noticeable improvements to her outstanding 5-foot-3, 115-122-pound physique (133 off season) and sticks to the rules with her nutrition, morning cardio times and workouts, resisting unhealthy shortcuts of fast food or damaging detours of after hours drinks with friends. Training for next season with renewed confidence, the prettiest Ninja Turtle of all time could very well be hitting her stride.


Dean: Were you always active and fit growing up? What kind of activities or sports were you involved in when you were younger?

Katrinka performs concentration curls during her shoot.

Kat: “No. In fact I was the opposite. I was raised on a farm in the country as one of the ‘well-fed’ kids in the neighborhood. My family made large dinners and we usually ate late at night. I had a wonderful childhood but I was quite plump, promise. I have the pics to prove it. Once I hit jr. high I realized that my friends were all much smaller than me and it was time to start getting more active. I enrolled in track & field and also did cheerleading during the football and basketball season my jr. high and high school years. This helped slim me down a ton but I was still quite flabby, just smaller. I didn’t know the proper way to eat. That came way later in life.”

Dean: When did you first begin working out with weights and thinking about fitness as a lifestyle?

Kat: “I was very interested in getting ‘skinny’ during my jr. high and high school years, but crash diets and juice fasting only achieved a ‘skinny-fat’ look and didn’t help me much with my flabby legs. I was raised a hunter with my daddy and became very interested in bowhunting when I was 18. My high school sweetheart taught me the ropes and it was then that I realized how important cardio was, as you can’t just sit in a truck and shoot your bow out the window when you see an elk. It was the bowhunting that drove me to get my butt into a gym and start working on my fitness so I could be a better hunter.

“I joined 24 Hour Fitness around 23 years old but still didn’t understand the importance of a meal plan and weights. I went many years trying it on my own. Finally at age 29, I was fed up with my failing diets and no-change in my physique. I joined Gold’s Gym and decided I was going to let someone who knew what they were doing help me out! I met my trainer/husband Travis Danielson at Gold’s Gym when I was 29 and it was then that I learned the all-important protein/carb/fat ratio and the introduction to ‘leg day,’ upper body workout, etc with weights which became not only a lifestyle but an addiction. I loved the results!”

Dean: How did the changes feel when you started developing more strength and muscle?

Go Figure: No crossover to physique in Kat’s plans at this point. “I am an all-heels, blingy-suits and sexy hair kinda girl,” she says.

Kat: “AMAZING. At first I was disappointed to see the scale go up because I had relied on my weight to determine my goals but it was incredible when I saw quad muscles and back muscles I didn’t know my body could produce.”

Dean: What motivated you to try competing in figure and when did you start? Did you have a role model in the industry that inspired you?

Kat: “After training with weights for about six months I went to my first figure competition, the Ironman, in Portland, Oregon. I saw one of the girls change her physique from flab to ‘fab.’ She looked amazing and I fell in love with the challenge. I was also very motivated by the IFBB Pro Figure Model Kristi Tauti. She won the overall at the first show I ever attended in 2006 and went on to go pro. I was impressed to see her onstage looking so amazing after having a baby just over eight months earlier. I thought WOW! If she could do it, so could I.

“Another person that inspired me was Genevieve Moreno! An incredible competitor that worked out at our gym around the same time I did and her changes to her physique were outstanding. Her fiancé, Eric McCormack was her trainer and it was awesome to watch their dedication together. I was motivated to give it a shot and took my chances at the 2007 Emerald Cup (very big show to attempt for my first show but I was like ‘why not, might as well shoot big’). I placed seventh out of 12 girls. I was happy but it just pushed me to go harder and take a better placing the next time I competed.”

Hardbody Diary: Hitting the weights have led to great gains for Katrinka. “My shoulders, back, glutes, a complete 180-degrees from the look I had before I joined the gym.”

Dean: What changes to your physique have made you most proud so far and what areas are you trying to improve?

Kat: “I am so grateful for my entire overall change. My shoulders, back, glutes, legs—everything—is a complete 180-degrees from the look I had before I joined the gym. Because I’m so short and pretty pudgy at one time, I’m always hardest on my midsection, glutes and legs. My trainer has me hitting them twice a week, so with dedication and perseverance I know I will achieve that top five at nationals next year.”

Dean: What kind of reaction have you gotten from family and friends on your healthy look and habits? Have you inspired anyone you know to begin working out?

Kat: “The changes to my lifestyle and my physique have definitely spawned positive and negative reactions. Most of my family and friends are very supportive and happy to see me succeed in a healthy lifestyle but there are always some that would rather see you fat and miserable than in-shape and happy. Mostly, they’re unhappy because I don’t drink alcohol or eat fast food when they do and it irritates them that I’m not joining in.

“I get my cardio in every day and try to get to bed during the work week around 9:30-10pm and this puts a damper on the people with ‘not-so-healthy’ lifestyles. Some are also very critical of my muscle gain. They say I don’t look feminine anymore and that it’s a man’s sport! They are usually the overweight, unhealthy friends that don’t go the gym and have no idea what the difference is between a protein and a carb. Sad. All I can do is smile and encourage with actions.”

Dean: Could you share a memory when you surprised someone with your physique or strength?

In prime shape and stretching for photos.

Kat: “My mom has probably been the most impressed with my overall change! I was moving last year at the end of 2010 and I decided that I didn’t want my 30 gallon upright fish tank. She was very excited to take it home but needed help carrying it down the driveway to her car. The water was out of the tank but the rocks and decorations were still at the bottom. I picked the tank up with both hands and said ‘lets go!’ She almost fell over as she couldn’t believe I could lift such a heavy object! When she got home she asked one of her neighbor friends to carry the tank in her house. The neighbor was 6 feet tall and must have weighed at least 220 lbs. He could barely pick it up and had to set it down several times before making it to the fish stand inside the house. My mom still tells that story when she introduces me to people. She’s very proud mommy!”

Dean: What’s next for you? Any upcoming shows you plan to compete in?

Kat: “I’m training right now for the Emerald Cup 2012! It’s the 30th year anniversary and I’m starting now to really make sure my physique is tip-top. Very dedicated! Depending on how I place at the Cup, I will be taking my physique to Nationals in Las Vegas in July!”

Dean: Do you have any thoughts on the new physique division?

Kat: “It’s funny you ask. The last show I competed in, every judge said I was ‘too muscular.’ They said I needed to take my physique to national level and compete at the new physique division. After watching USAs this past summer, the woman are amazing and, yes, I can see some femininity but I am an all-heels, blingy-suits and sexy hair kinda girl. The routine to music looks like a lot of fun but having to do the mandatory poses without my high heels? Sniff, sniff. I would have to put on a lot more muscle to hit the national stage and I seriously look like a Ninja Turtle when I put on too much muscle. Lol! Not a good look for me!”

Dean: What would you say are your biggest goals with working out and being involved in the fitness industry?

On a Mission: Kat is determined to make 2012 her big year. “I know I will achieve that top five at nationals next year.”

Kat: “Hmm… Biggest goals working out? I would have to say sticking with my meal plan in the off season, lol. Especially around the holidays. But competing at several figure shows has taught me that there is no such thing as an ‘OFF’ season, so it is quite the challenge to live the fitness lifestyle when you know you won’t be onstage anytime soon… Staying motivated and learning different ways to cook your chicken… Keeping variety in my life!

“Being involved in the fitness industry has helped me gain more friendships and meet some amazing people with incredible, motivating stories. I want to be the figure model people remember as encouraging and motivating, too! I LOVE helping others achieve thier goals and it would be an honor to take my pro card next year and show others that you don’t have to be fit your whole life to achieve your fitness goals. Hard work, dedication and motivation I would say are the prime ingredients for my success so far!”

Dean: Anything we can help you promote (website, sponsors, personal training biz, etc) or any special shout-outs you would like to give?

Kat: “Absolutely. I am in the process of looking for a sponsor for my upcoming competition year. In return I am available for promotional photo shoots, videos, assisting with booths at bodybuilding shows, etc. I’m very focused and dedicated—starting my program at 24 weeks out this year and planning to take the overall at my next show. Then moving on to nationals in Las Vegas next July! Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.

“I want to give heartfelt thanks to my loving, supporting husband/trainer Travis Danielson. I would not be typing these interview answers if it wasn’t for him and God for giving me the abilities and gift of life to hit the weights. I also want to thank Genevieve Moreno (dear friend and gym sister) for all of her love and support. Gen died this past summer in a tragic river accident. Her loss has made me appreciate my short time on earth and the many wonderful family and friends that surround me! I would love to achieve my pro card next year but more than a pro card, I LOVE the challenge and the climb that I have to take to get there!”


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