Former News Anchor Becomes IFBB Figure Pro

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Looking Fierce: IFBB Figure Pro Victoria Adelus. Photo Credit: Dan Ray

Every once in a while, I’ll take a look at other competitors who aren’t on the site yet to highlight their accomplishments and clue you in as to who’s on my radar. Today on the “wish-list” is Victoria Adelus of Oregon.

This has been a memorable year for Victoria, who earned an IFBB pro card after placing second in figure class D at Team Universe over the summer. It was a dream-come-true moment for the versatile, lifelong athlete from the Northwest, who had competed in the fitness division and put together a solid, fifth-place routine at the 2011 Team Universe.

Even more impressive is Victoria’s background. Unlike most competitors, the pretty 5-foot-5, 127-pound blonde was used to being in the spotlight even before stepping on stage. She started her professional career in broadcast media, first as a news anchor for an NBC affiliate in San Diego before moving closer to home as an anchor and reporter for a station in Bane, Oregon.

She was delighted whenever the chance came to cover stories about health and fitness, but her own passion for the industry and drive to compete was pulling her away from television cameras. “I dreamed of getting in front of a different set of bright lights,” she writes on her website.

Now, as both a figure competitor and one of the newest IFBB pros, Victoria’s beyond reporting the headlines—she’s making them. Fitness also runs in the family; Victoria’s cute sister, Maria, is also a promising young figure competitor and in 2011 won her class at the San Francisco Championships.

As for Victoria, she hasn’t made plans for her pro debut yet, but you can be sure she has a great team behind her for when the times comes—led by her coach, the sensational IFBB figure pro, mom and Olympia contender Kristi Tauti; plus good friends like national level figure girl, fellow Oregonian and our own bubbly Marissa Hein, who competed alongside her at Team Universe and appears in her behind the scenes video of the show.

Victoria narrates several additional videos on her YouTube channel—including more behind the scenes, training footage, interviews and recipes—and the smart, bright and charming host clearly hasn’t lost her touch as a reporter. It’s great having her in the sport.

Chrissy Zmijewski Wins IFPA Figure Championship

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Capturing consecutive titles this year, Chrissy Zmijewski is on her game and on top of the IFPA.

Natural pro Chrissy Zmijewski capped her season in a perfect way this past Saturday, winning the figure overall at the IFPA Yorton Cup Pro World Championships in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s was two in a row for the 33-year-old personal trainer and fitness book author from California, who also won the IFPA Pro USA in Sacramento over the summer.

Chrissy—a longtime role model in the sport who won her first show in 2006 in St. Charles, Illinois—placed in the top three in two WNBF pro shows and has previously made top five in the NPC, but has began to dominate the scene since turning to the IFPA (International Federation of Physique Athletes). Helping that trend, she says, have been improvements to her lower body, especially hamstrings, where she’s added size and enhanced symmetry.

The federation has been a good fit for the 5-foot-9, 132-pound former natural bodybuilder, who would love to see some kind of routine added to IFPA figure where the women could flex and show off their hard work. Luckily, fans never have to worry about that element missing on our site.

More importantly, Chrissy is happy to be back on stage after stress and injuries limited her in 2011. Although delighted with her recent success, the thoughtful competitor still keeps things in perspective. During a recent online radio interview, she shared advice and reminders on competing that she frequently passes on to clients. “The placing is very subjective,” she says. “The trophy is the fact that you have a healthy, awesome body.”

Fitness Model on the Rocks

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Erica Cordie’s stats: Age: 32; Height: 5’5”; Weight: 145; Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.

Few have her one-of-a-kind look. Even though not competing at this time, Erica Cordie remains a gymrat and is still carrying quite a bit of muscle from her early bodybuilding days. You’ll see that much and more look in a new photo update with the popular star. The pictures come from San Diego’s seashore and the curvy, sun-soaked fitness superstar and model takes up residence in the foreground with city skyscrapers dotting the background. Coming with a varied athletic background, Erica was a high school basketball player and track athlete who also enjoyed stints in cheerleading and gymnastics before beginning to throw the heavy weight around.

Amanda’s Pro Debut Next Weekend

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Fitness at the Shore: Amanda Hatfield does a press hold during her shoot along Lake Erie.

Quick update today of Amanda Hatfield from her most recent shoot comes with exciting news. The reigning Jr. Nationals’ short class fitness champ is set to make her IFBB debut at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup on October 20. The full competitor list hasn’t been released yet, but calling Amanda a legitimate contender to win her first show down in the swamp is well within reason. She is some kind of amazing as these new images—captured about five weeks out from the upcoming show—confirm once again. Go get ’em, Mandy!

Year in Review Part One: New Pros Under the Radar

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High Style: Tissilli Brandi turned pro at the 2012 Jr. USAs.

We’ve covered a lot of new pros this year here on the blog—Jackie Abrams, Amanda Hatfield, Ashley Sebera, Dawn Fernandez, Casie Shepard, Kamla Macko—as each season seems to invite more opportunities (classes, divisions, extra cards for second place) for the golden ticket to the IFBB ranks and the chance to step on stage with the best of the best.

Not to say it’s easy; indeed, there are many competitors still climbing the sometimes stubborn NPC ladder and more enter the mix all the time. Many competitors have come and gone. Some step away from the scene just to take a break, a few leave indefinitely citing injuries or the toll the lifestyle took on their body and mind, others start a family or a new career.

All the more reason to celebrate the accomplishments, so here’s a look at the best of the rest among new pros in 2012. Consider this part one of a three-part series. In part two, we’ll take another look at some of the other young new pros and discuss what they have planned; also, a look at some rising stars who could be next in line for the big time.

Plenty of assorted pics from various shoots to come so click on the links for additional peeks at some of your favorites.

Tissilli Brandi: Things really got interesting for the 27-year-old former track star and University of Alabama graduate this year. In just her second year competing, the Atlanta native won figure class E and went pro at Jr. USAs.

Patty Zariello: Patty took fourth at Jr. USAs but that was merely a tune-up. At Team Universe, she was unstoppable, beating over 30 competitors for the class E crown. To make things even sweeter, she turned pro in her homestate of New Jersey. The 42-year-old is looking better all the time and is set to make her IFBB debut this weekend at the Houston Pro.

Rachel Baker: If you look up the word determined, there might be a picture of this cute and chiseled little physique competitor. She finished runner-up to the pro card winner in four straight national shows, but broke through in style at Team Universe, where the top three in each physique class earned pro cards. Rachel was the short class champ.

Sitting Pretty: Jill Rudison claimed the overall title in women’s physique at the North Americans.

Babette Mulford: When fitness superstar Amanda Hatfield turned pro at Jr. Nationals, Babette was right behind her. That made this vascular 38-year-old Iowa native the number one contender going into her next show and she seized the opportunity, winning the short class at Team Universe.

Jill Rudison: Jill was the surprise winner of the overall women’s physique title at the North Americans recently. It was a tremendous turnaround for the former figure competitor out of Los Angeles, who finished in eighth place at the USAs.

Sasha Brown: Sasha has arguably been one of the best figure competitors not to win a pro card over the last three or four years. The excellent personal trainer from Los Angeles, by way of Ukraine, has had numerous close calls and top-fives during her journey, but finally earned her pro card with a second place finish in her class at the USAs this past summer. She heads to Houston, Texas for her pro debut on October 13.

Sara Butler: The hulking brunette has been a showstopper on the Northwest physique scene over the last couple years and didn’t shrink when her turn came in the national spotlight. With a powerful overall look and abs to go with it, Sara won class D in physique at the USAs.

Next in Part Two: Fitness New Wave—a look at some of the new young pros and rising stars across fitness, figure and physique.

Photoshoot Recap: Olympia 2012

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Sandra Lombardo was the short class and overall champ of the women’s physique masters division at this year’s North Americans. Coverage of the new IFBB pro is one of five shoots from last week’s Olympia coming soon to the studio. Here’s the rest of the lineup from the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas. It’s an interesting mix that should please all tastes.

Abby Marie is back this time with an off-season look and you can never get enough of our signature fitness girl no matter what her look; Laura Carolan, IFBB bodybuilder from Canada who placed fifth at this year’s Toronto Pro; Jess Williams, queenstarfish on youtube, is a 23-year-old bodybuilder from Colorado; and to round things out new footage of Yanez Boykin to come as well.

Jill Dearmin Scores in Physique Transition

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New IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Jill Dearmin

Jill Dearmin this year added her name to a growing list of competitors having great success after crossing over to the women’s physique division. After posting three top-five finishes at Jr. USAs, Junior Nationals and Team Universe, the tireless former figure competitor hit her mark at NPC North Americans, where she earned a pro card by winning the 35-and-over medium class.

The Scottish-born competitor now lives in Florida where she works as a highly renowned personal trainer and runs her own business, called i-Candy Fit, out of Juno Beach Fitness. Jill was even featured in this inspiring segment on the local news for the NBC affiliate out of West Palm Beach (positive press on the sport in mainstream media for a change). It featured some comments from Jill and three of her most accomplished clients—one placed second in her debut competition and another lost over two hundred pounds.

The segment aired in November of 2010, well before the 43-year-old was to make some strides for herself. During 2011, she competed in four national-level shows and made the top ten in just two. She’s been on the rise ever since and may have brought her best package yet to the North Americans. Her pro debut would come shortly after, at the Valenti Gold Cup Pro in her homestate. Jill finished in the eight spot.

Check out this shot and more of Jill’s photo galleries on the studio from her shoot at Jr. Nationals over the summer.


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