Photoshoot recap—Olympia 2014

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Physique Pro Tish Shelton leads off 4 new shoots from Las Vegas.

Physique Pro Tish Shelton leads off 4 new shoots from Las Vegas.

Four new photoshoots coming soon from the 50th Olympia show so let’s get right to the recap beginning with Tish Shelton in her second shoot on the studio. The physique pro from Alabama—who competed at the Greater Gulf States and Wings of Strength Chicago Pro this season—looked fantastic over the weekend and was a popular draw with photographers. Also returning in a brand new shoot is South Korean bodybuilding sensation Yeon Woo Jhi.

Two new models make their debuts including the striking new physique competitor Megan Trimmer in a photos-only, offseason shoot. This mini-shoot will be a nice primer for things to come as we hope to work with the outstanding personal trainer out of Phoenix, Arizona down the road when she’s in contest shape. Megan was a top ten finisher at the Jr. Nationals this past summer and has the stuff to be a future pro card contender.

Also making her debut is physique pro Karin Hobbs, who qualified for her second Olympia and placed 11th in Las Vegas over the weekend. The Kim Oddo Angel and Boise, Idaho native was overall champ at the 2014 Golden State Pro. One more footnote, we’ve got connections with a couple more girls ready to shoot as soon as they get close to competing. Don’t have too many details right now but can say that this news should please bikini fans out there. Stay tuned.

Olympia Spotlight – Ann Titone

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annt1 annt2

The historic 50th Olympia going on in Las Vegas makes it a good time to spotlight some of the competitors at the big show. Ann Titone was just a national level athlete when these photos were taken back in ’08, but what a difference a few years makes. Today, she’s one of the best and most popular IFBB pros, taking her third consecutive turn at the Figure Olympia where last year she finished sixth.

Flex Friday – Jacklyn Abrams

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jacklyn1 jacklyn2

We’ve got another of the best for Flex Friday in Jacklyn Abrams. Since winning her pro card in fitness, the Colorado native has shifted to women’s physique and continues to impress. Jacklyn finished third at the Omaha Pro and second at the Mile High Pro in her home state this summer. She’ll share the stage next with fellow top pros at the IFBB Olympia this weekend.

Throwback Thursday – Rachel Baker

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rachel2 rachel1

Rachel Baker is coming off her best finish as a pro in the women’s physique division — second place at the Omaha Pro — as she prepares to compete in her first Olympia this weekend in Las Vegas. Here’s a couple shots from her great debut shoot at the 2011 Jr. Nationals for this edition of Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday – Allison Taylor

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allison1 allison2

What’s not to love about Allison Taylor? Gorgeous looks, tremendous athleticism and beautiful, feminine muscle are on display for Throwback Thursday in this shoot from 2012 with the outstanding California national level figure hottie.

Flex Friday – Emmanuela Pintus

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emmanuela2 emmaunela1

Hot off the presses we present Emmanuela Pintus from her shoot last weekend at the North Americans in Pittsburgh. This former bodybuilder out of Canada has been competing since the late 90s and still has plenty of game now that she’s shifted to the figure division. A long sought after treasure finally arrives.

Throwback Thursday – Amanda Ptak

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Excalibur08_254 Excalibur08_225

Studio favorite Amanda Ptak works the weights and rocks a Supergirl top during a memorable shoot from back in ’08. Look for new material on the way with the standout Arizona physique competitor fresh from the recent North Americans.

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