Flex Friday — Ruthann Rankin

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Our Flex Friday pick of the week is Ruthann Rankin, a stunning newcomer out of Columbus, Ohio now bringing her gorgeous, covergirl-worthy looks and sexy, feminine muscle to the competitive stage. Ruthann is something of a tweener of the bikini/figure variety, having secured top-two finishes in both categories at the NPC Natural Northern USA and NPC Ohio State Championships earlier this year. She’s qualified to compete on the national level next season and will be someone to watch. The former swimmer and lacrosse player has impressive shoulder, back and abs development — but her signature has to be those tremendous biceps that jump out in size and shape. Ruthann knows she’s got it and practices flexing in the mirror, so just imagine how good the video from this shoot will be. Another potential young superstar right here!


Flex Friday — Chelsea & Sherri

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We’ve got photos from our latest Sisters in Arms tandem featuring Chelsea Allegro and Sherri Gray, a pair of knockout pro physique competitors that we covered at the Charlotte Europa this past spring. Both ladies were in sizzling contest condition that weekend and finished quite impressively — Chelsea taking sixth place and Sherri right behind at seventh. An excellent series of comparison shots for you examine on this Flex Friday.

Flex Friday — Jennifer McArver

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The adorable Jennifer McArver is becoming one of our latest signature girls on the site, back for her third Flex Friday this week. The figure competitor out of Houston is rocking this new outfit in her latest shoot at last summer’s USAs. Jennifer was knocking on the door of the IFBB ranks for some time — riding a streak of several top five and top three national level finishes — and finally busted that door down in Las Vegas, earning a pro card with a second place finish in her class. Not surprising, considering her outstanding development and conditioning pretty much all over on this former standout crossfit competitor. Lots of potential for Jennifer to continue to shine at the pro level, too.

Throwback Thursday – Cheryl Chechel

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cheryl3 cheryl4

cheryl1 cheryl2

Turning back the clock to 2011 for Throwback Thursday today and featuring the striking brunette competitor Cheryl Chechel in pictures from her photoshoot debut. The Houston area native began her competition journey in the figure division and later shifted to physique. The former soccer player was underrated on stage and at 5-foot-5 and 130 pounds, has the frame and muscle-building potential to still make the pro ranks.

Flex Friday – Kelly Lynn

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Kelly Lynn returned to the national scene at the North Americans in Pittsburgh this past summer and rocked the stage, winning trophies in both the figure and women’s physique divisions. She was fourth in a highly competitive figure open C class, and third in the physique 35 and over class. Longtime fans of the sport will no doubt notice how much K-Lynn has packed on quality muscle and really taken her physique to the next level. The star personal trainer is edging closer to pro status and might very well break through next time in the spotlight.

Flex Friday – Nicole Wolf

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Nicole Wolf, the reigning NPC USAs figure overall champion, made her debut on the site this week in a photo gallery fresh from the weekend of her big win. Amazingly, this platinum blonde beauty from Twin Falls, Idaho has only been competing for two years and the USAs was her very first national level show. Nicole mixes her signature look of confidence and strength with the flawless package she brought to the stage in Las Vegas — abs, quads and biceps chiseled from granite — to make this edition of Flex Friday one for the books.

Physique Pro Jodi Miller Coming Soon!

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Queen of Peaks: Longtime competitor and IFBB pro physique girl Jodi Miller is coming to the Studio.

Exciting news to share on the blog today as Jodi Miller, longtime competitor out of Dallas, Texas, is coming soon to Krivs Studio in a debut shoot from the Arizona Pro held earlier this month. Jodi competed and took home an impressive fifth-place finish at the tough pro show. Dan Ray did the photos and videos for this epic shoot.

Jodi arrives on the site as one of the most accomplished athletes in the industry. The 44-year-old has participated in bodybuilding and figure shows as well as obstacle course challenges and WPC powerlifting meets during a distinguished and successful competitive career that now spans over seventeen years.

Jodi rose to pro status in other federations but earning the title in the NPC proved elusive. That changed in 2015, after she shifted to the women’s physique division and won her class—and at long last, an IFBB pro card—at the NPC Team Universe in Teaneck, N.J.

On stage or off, Jodi is a joy to watch, always bringing creativity and energy to her physique posing routines—just check out this one from the 2016 Arctic Pro in Alaska—along with a huge smile and sense of genuine enjoyment in what she’s doing.

In addition to all her athletic triumphs, Jodi is also a posing coach, prolific blogger and published author of the motivational book, “Ready, Set, Achieve.” She’s a graduate of the University of Texas and a former school teacher.

But most fans know Jodi by her smallish stature (she’s just 4-foot-11), or her legendary bicep peaks—beautifully defined, shapely muscles that rise to incredible little mountains—which were getting attention even before she ever stepped out on stage. In fact, according to a story Jodi shares, it was the reaction she got to an early double bicep flex that helped inspire her to become a bodybuilder in the first place.

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