Carli Terepka Wins Physique Overall at 2017 North Americans

Carli Terepka

From teen phenom to new IFBB star, Carli Terepka won her class, the overall title and a pro card in the women’s physique division over the weekend at the NPC North Americans in Pittsburgh. The 22-year-old began competing in the figure division as a teen and shifted to physique last season. We first caught up with Carli for a shoot at the Arnold in 2014 and knew she was destined for great things.

Carli has competed in over a dozen shows and has been close to winning a pro card in a few, snatching several top five finishes on the national stage. Most knew it was just a matter of time before she put everything together and that was the case at the North Americans, where Carli stepped on stage with an absolutely flawless package. Physique, symmetry, presentation—you name it, she was on point.

Even more impressive, Carli accomplished the feat during one of the busiest times of her life, training and prepping while working and studying long hours for her nursing license in her home state of Ohio. People told her she couldn’t be a champion bodybuilder and graduate nursing school at the same time. But she obtained her license at the beginning of August and won her pro card at the end—not a bad month.

After the win, Carli wrote about her journey on Facebook: “I went to school, I worked 12hr shifts as a nursing assistant, and I trained my ass off…People called me crazy but I believe if you want to achieve excellence in anything, you gotta be a little nutty. We got one shot at life and it will be over before we know it, go get what you want.”

Well said, Champ, and congratulations!


~ by Dean Sucich on September 6, 2017.

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