Flex Friday – Mary Marji



Prepare to be captivated by the sensational, shapely Mary Marji, one of the all-time great finds of the recent Arnold Sports Festival. After securing a top six finish in her class in Columbus, the stunningly beautiful figure girl out of Syracuse, N.Y. proved she’s one to keep a close eye on this season. Nicknamed “The Machine,” she’s possibly one of the strongest competitors in the division and shows enough muscle during her tremendous debut shoot to back up the claim. Once the curvy brunette hardbody captures you with those gorgeous eyes, she turns things over to those bulging, impressively peaked biceps and you’re under her spell. It’s lights out from there.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 14, 2017.

One Response to “Flex Friday – Mary Marji”

  1. Refreshing! I’ve never heard of Mary Nasiem Marji until this post, which lead me to do a little research. She placed 16th in the Figure C class at the 2015 NPC Universe and significantly moved up in placing’s within a two year span placing 6th in her class at the 2016 Arnold Amateur and 5th at the 2017 Arnold Classic Amateur’s. A noteworthy rise through the ranks such as hers may be a sign for bigger things to come.

    Not that it’s a bad thing, but I noticed she has no ink, which is so common (trending) among the girls these days. Mary is somewhat reintroducing a very classic and feminine look that made women’s Figure and Bodybuilding appealing in the first place; wholesome good looks complemented with beautiful muscles (Think Meral Ertunc and Michelle Andrea). Overall, from head to toe, her appearance is amazing! She’s breathtaking!

    Indeed, you discovered another gem. Thanks for taking the time to work with this stunning young lady and introducing her to female muscle supporters unfamiliar with her.

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