Photoshoot recap — NPC Nationals 2016

Fitness pro Yesenia Perez

Fitness pro Yesenia Perez

Another NPC Nationals has come and gone and there’s reason to be excited about the lovely treats coming your way as another year winds down at the Studio. The final national show of the year boasted upwards of 900 competitors and nice weather in Miami left plenty of opportunity for Team Kriv’s cameras to roll. When things wrapped up, we finished with 9 new shoots including eight brand new models. Look for plenty of new pictures, news and notes and more on the girls as updates roll out.

Linda Estavillo – If you’re a diehard female bodybuilding fan, this is the girl for you. A licensed massage therapist from New York, Linda began competing in figure way back in 2006, but quickly shifted to bodybuilding and has remained in the division ever since, even during the rise in women’s physique. The determined former high school dance captain and track athlete is out to prove that women can still be beautiful and feminine while competing as bodybuilders. No argument here.

Suha Qasem – If great female bicep peaks really get your heart pounding, consider this fair warning. This 36-year-old lifetime lifter, personal trainer and exercise physiologist out of New York has some of the most sharply-defined and amazingly distinctive peaks seen anywhere in the sport. A world-record powerlifter, Suha came back from a recent triceps tendon injury to win the physique division at the 2016 NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix and seized that momentum by earning a pro card in Miami. You’ll get to see this new standout in top contest shape fresh from her big win.

Figure competitor Chara Dixon

Figure competitor Chara Dixon

Jessica Silver – This fit and fab forty-something message therapist normally competes in the physique division but took the Nationals off this time around. Jess is never too far removed from the stage, however, as evidenced by her showing at this year’s Prestige Crystal Cup, where she took third. The local brunette out of Boca Raton has an outstanding overall look, including signature bicep peaks you’ll want to stay tuned for.

Athena Vangalis – When it comes to Athena, don’t let the bikini competitor designation fool you – she’s no cupcake. First consider that the top ten national level competitor is a towering, 5-foot-10 stretch of sexy muscle; then factor in that Athena has showcased her strength by competing in strongwoman contests. Check out this YouTube video of the 27-year-old training delts at the Extreme Iron Pro Gym in her home city of Dallas. Athena will be paired with Aubrey Skyy in a new Sisters in Arms feature.

Aubrey Skyy – Joining Athena, Aubrey is the second half of our newest Sisters in Arms feature that will include height comparisons, lift and carry and flexing. The 5-foot-1 blonde beauty is an up and coming bikini gal with a cute, sporty frame that could eventually make her a force in the short class. She’s a genuine southern belle from West Virginia worth keeping an eye on.

Yesenia Perez – Our own tall and athletic Yesenia used her considerable skills as a former gymnast to become one of the newest IFBB pros, winning the fitness overall title earlier this year at the North Americans. She’s back in an offseason, sophomore shoot from her hometown of Miami. Dan Ray helped out with this one.

Chara Dixon – Poised to become a pro card contender in short order, striking Chara finished second at the Eastern USA Championships just before taking on the Miami Nationals. The 25-year-old sassy blonde muscle chick is a biology student and soon-to-be nursing school graduate from Penn State University. Highlights of her physique include tremendous abs, calves and traps to go along with very well developed arms. Chara is a beautiful and very powerful young figure girl.

Physique competitor Suha Qasem poses with her new photog friends

Physique competitor Suha Qasem poses with her new photog friends

Kessia Mirellys – This exotic and shapely redheaded firecracker stands out for her amazingly well-developed midsection, a signature brick wall of abs that’s a product of years of training as a gymnast and Junior Olympic runner. But the 20-year-old rising star figure competitor — who’s already a pro in the WBFF federation — also has a great upper body, huge quads, boulder calves and a tiny waist. Kessia has future pro written all over her.

Celia Torres – This accomplished, smart and highly photogenic new face has a master’s degree in communications from the University of Texas-Pan American and works at a television station in San Antonio as a producer, writer and host. The 34-year-old is also a personal trainer and was recently featured in an issue of Oxygen magazine on its Future of Fitness page. Celia may be short in stature but some of her training feats – like maxing out eight reverse-grip pull-ups – prove that even little muscles can be mightier than they look.


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