Photoshoot recap—Olympia 2016

Derina Wilson (left) and Lauren Fogle in a combo photo shoot at the Olympia.

Derina Wilson (left) and Lauren Fogle in a combo photo shoot at the Olympia.

Our coverage of the latest Olympia wrapped up on Monday and it was a highly productive weekend for the Studio this year. We’ve got 8 new shoots from Las Vegas on the way, including new faces, new pros and another exciting ‘Sisters in Arms’ tandem. Here’s the recap.

Derina Wilson This talented 5-foot-1, 110-pound Long Islander is small in stature but has quickly emerged as one of the hottest new stars in the fitness division. Derina began her competitive journey only last year with a win at the Garden States Championships before winning a pro card at Team Universe, her first national show and just second show overall. This year, she collected top IFBB finishes and earned her way to the Olympia stage. The 36-year-old is a longtime yoga and pilates instructor, gymnastics coach, and holds a degree in physical education from Queens College.

Derina Wilson and Lauren Fogle Fitness meets football in our latest ‘Sisters in Arms’ double feature. Derina, our lovely new pro fitness star joins Lauren, who plays safety for the Omaha Heart of the Legends (formerly Lingerie) Football League. A curvy, blonde bombshell, Lauren brings covergirl worthy looks and a strong 5-foot-4, 135-pound package of athletic and feminine muscle that certainly packs a punch.

WNBF pro Lise Ha Pham

WNBF pro Lise Ha Pham

Vicki Diaz University of Oklahoma grad and current resident of Dallas, Vicki brings an accomplished and lengthy athletic background to the mix. In addition to being a high school volleyball player and competitive gymnast for 12 years, Vicki was a nationally ranked high school cheerleader and went on to be an instructor for the National Cheerleaders Association. She’s now a personal trainer and an IFBB pro physique competitor.

Lise Ha Pham Adding an international touch to the lineup is Lise, an exquisite blend of muscle and beauty born in France and now living in Los Angeles. The 38-year-old mom of two started competing in 2014 and won her WNBF pro card at the L.A. Championships. She’s getting ready for her pro debut at the WNBF Pro Intercontinental in Edmonton coming up on October 22, and her striking physique is looking on point.

Natalie Newhart This young powerhouse and gym owner out of Colorado is a fixture on the CrossFit scene, where the best competitors demonstrate gasping feats of strength and stamina. Also leaving you breathless is Natalie’s long list of sports and activities she’s participated in – gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, motocross. She’s got the look but hasn’t tried the stage yet; could a debut in physique or maybe the fitness division be her next challenge?

CrossFit sensation Natalie Newhart

CrossFit sensation Natalie Newhart

Nell Wilks Nell made her debut on the site all the way back in ’09, but you’ll see right away that our Filipino beauty turned SoCal starlet has still got it. Not at all surprising, considering the 44-year-old has been around the gym her entire life and fell in love with the figure look after seeing her first contest back in the day. A reprise was long overdue and now we have it.

Jessica Reyes Padilla Jessica made some history by becoming the first Puerto Rican born competitor to qualify for the Figure Olympia. The exotic beauty made her Olympia debut count, standing her ground on stage with the best in the world and showing off great muscle and conditioning. Away from competitions, the 39-year-old is an expert in advanced martial arts and also works as a Hollywood stunt double in action pictures. You’ll be able to see Jessica flexing in action when she makes her debut.

Patricia Vazquez – Finally we have our latest ageless muscle girl and an IFBB physique pro who competed at the 2015 Wings of Strength Texas pro. Before she turned to the stage, Patricia was so formidable in the sport of kickboxing that her opponents could be women or men. We’re talking about a lady with muscle and some punishing skills to go with it.


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