Photoshoot Recap—2016 NPC North Americans

New physique pro Erin Duggan. Photo by Dan Ray.

New physique pro Erin Duggan is coming soon to Krivs Studio. (Photo by Dan Ray.)

The Studio had some magic going on at the latest NPC North Americans show from Pittsburgh, Pa. In a neat aligning of the stars, three of the models we worked with over the weekend would go on to win pro cards in a show that was once again packed with talented national level hopefuls looking to take the next step. We’ve got those new pros to talk about plus four more for a total of seven lucky shoots in all. Here’s a list of who you’ll see in the days and weeks ahead.

Angela Kegler – We’re so happy for this longtime favorite out of Ohio, who decidedly found her niche in bikini after years in figure. Not just that, Angela has worked her tail off lately in pushing to make improvements the judges wanted. It finally paid off as she captured her pro card, winning the overall in the bikini masters over 45 division. We’ll get to see the freshly minted new champ flexing those hard-earned gains in a brand new shoot.

Abby Ball – This striking brunette bikini standout has been on our radar, so it’s nice to get her into the fold. A personal trainer from Chicago’s far northern suburbs, Abby will bring her shapely, contest shape look to her own individual shoot plus a new Sisters in Arms combo with her sexy friend, the fellow competitor Kendra Newlon. Speaking of Kendra…

Natalie Graziano

Natalie Graziano

Kendra Newlon – Kendra, in addition to showing off her stuff in a hot, bikini double-feature with Abby Ball, also makes her debut in a new solo shoot. Kendra has a long, lean look that comes from her days as a track athlete, and impressive biceps from her time spent as a high school gymnast. She’s now a rising star on the national bikini stage and won the tall class at the competitive NPC Midwest Championships in 2015.

Erin Duggan – Shifting to the physique division, Erin kicked off the shoots over the weekend and then kicked butt on stage, earning a pro card in her masters physique class. This amazing 45-year-old mom of four could make an immediate impact in the IFBB ranks; she’s a prototypical physique competitor with rippling back and shoulder muscles, outstanding abs and mesmerizing, baseball biceps. Lots of feminine charms and gorgeous too, you’ll want to keep an eye on Erin.

Amanda Smith – Amanda was a top national level Canadian physique athlete before shooting with us at North Americans. Now, she’s an IFBB pro after taking the stage and wowing the judges and audience as a standout in the open women’s physique D class. The striking young Ontario native, who works as a hair stylist when she’s not pushing iron, looks to be another promising new addition to the pro class.

Rachel Leigh Thorpe

Rachel Leigh Thorpe

Natalie Graziano – Natalie is another newcomer to the Studio, but thanks to her accomplished resume as a longtime elite fitness pro, she’s no stranger to fans of the sport. This year, the former gymnast and cheerleader decided to dip her fitness toes into the physique division. If history is any indication, it won’t take long for her to establish herself as a force in the division. A stunning debut shoot flexing in a little, chic white dress is just the ticket to welcome this class act to the roster.

Rachel Leigh Thorpe – Capping things off with Rachel is like a closer striking out the side in the ninth inning. As the 22-year-old finishes up her schooling at the University of Florida, she’s beginning to make waves in the tall class on the national figure stage. The rising star nearly won her class at the North Americans, finishing second, and looks like she will be earning a pro card in short order. Rachel’s background as a ballerina lends exquisite beauty and poise to a stage presence that already includes stunning good looks and dazzling feminine muscle. Stay tuned.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 7, 2016.

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