Physique Spotlight: Courtney Mitten

courtneymitten1 courtneymitten2

We’ve got a terrific young physique competitor, Courtney Mitten,
in the spotlight today as she bulks up for Nationals later this
year. The Des Moines, Iowa native competed in two local shows
earlier this season, including the NPC Iowa State, and won her
class in both. She’s looking like a promising new talent on the

Courtney, who works at a gym in her hometown, showed off her
powerhouse shape in her debut shoot recently and went on to
discuss the off season look in a heartfelt, important post on

She talked about being initially hesitant to even do a shoot
because of the stigma attached to some offseason looks and
because she thought she would look too heavy. “When I start
seeing ‘fluff’ or feel any kind of a remote jiggle,” she said, “I
panic and dive right back into hating myself and my offseason

courtneymitten3 courtneymitten4

But doing the shoot changed her mind and reminded her that
it’s ok to appreciate the bulkier, offseason look; it’s part of the
bodybuilding process, afterall, and all body types and physiques
are different.

“This is me guys,” Courtney wrote. “I’m still eating clean, still
meal prep, I still eat fish and chicken and only give myself
cheats here and there. As much as I wish I could be lean 24/7, I
can’t. It’s not my body type and I’m learning that it may never
be. This is me.”

Of course, insiders and smart bodybuilding fans know that
Courtney’s body type is no different than many other competitors
who get more full during off season, then ultimately lean up during
contest time and impress with sharper cuts and more muscle
than ever.

If you’re a fan of the dramatic changes a top physique athlete
can make between offseason and contest shape, then stay
tuned. Courtney’s looking at NPC Nationals in November for her
next turn on stage, and there could be a contest shape shoot in
the offing at that time if the stars line up right.


~ by Dean Sucich on July 21, 2016.

One Response to “Physique Spotlight: Courtney Mitten”

  1. Wow! She’s amazing.

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