Photoshoot Recap—Arnold 2016

Fitness turned physique star Minna Pajulahti hits a pose during her new shoot.

Fitness turned physique star Minna Pajulahti hits a pose during her new shoot.

Our annual wrap up of the Arnold Sports Festival begins with the beautiful, international pro elite team coach Minna Pajulahti, whose photo gallery was just updated yesterday with great new pictures from her long awaited sophomore shoot in Columbus.

The Finnish fitness queen appears in dazzling contest condition, having competed at the Arnold for the first time since 2012. This time, the 34-year-old took the stage in the women’s physique division. Lou did the video for this shoot; the excellent Dan Ray gets credit for photos.

We’ve also got a new shoot coming up with veteran physique pro Mascha Tieken out of the Netherlands. Mascha revealed that this would be her last time competing at the Arnold and she is retiring from the sport. Kudos to one of the longtime great European competitors and a first class lady on a splendid career in the sport.

Next we have another round with the sensational Yeon Woo Jhi. Expect lots of content in this latest shoot with the sensational South Korean standout that’s sure to delight her many fans. Jhi never disappoints.

As you can already tell from the variety here, the Arnold is always a terrific landing spot for some of the best talent from overseas. That’s certainly the case when it comes to Julia Fory, one of our new models who hails from Switzerland. The stunning blonde rising star claimed some hardware during her trip to central Ohio, grabbing first place in the physique tall class. Dan was on hand once again for pics with this shoot.

Lastly, we have Dona Pohl, a long and lean brunette physique girl from Houston. Stay tuned for more sample pics from the new shoots as they get updated and we’ll take another look at Minna on tomorrow’s Flex Friday.

~ by Dean Sucich on March 10, 2016.

2 Responses to “Photoshoot Recap—Arnold 2016”

  1. So sad that you stopped doing measurements and armwerstling videos, anymore ….

  2. Wauw Lou what a big compliment! Over the years we have worked together several times, it was always my pleasure and honnor to be infront of your lens my friend.
    If you ever come to the Netherlands I have Some beautyfull athletes in my team (Team MysTiek) and I know they would love to do a shoot. 😊😊
    And I Will show you around in Amsterdam 😊

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