Physique Spotlight: Kimberly Rieck

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One of our top national athletes, the pretty Kimberly Rieck, draws this latest physique spotlight. Posing in a shoot from last year’s Jr. Nationals, Kim is showing off the well-developed lower body that made her a feared soccer player back in the day. The rest of her strapping frame is taking shape nicely now that she’s shifted to women’s physique. We love our exciting talent around here and keep an eye on this young one as next season approaches.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 26, 2016.

One Response to “Physique Spotlight: Kimberly Rieck”

  1. Great work! Would love to see an update with the new and improved Kimberly Rieck. A dual athlete in bodybuilding and CrossFit, this woman is impressive. Kim currently weighs over 200 lbs. solid and is embracing every inch of her powerfully built body. Not only is she bigger and stronger, she’s exceptionally fast and has a great deal of stamina owing to CrossFit. If you thought her legs were impressive then, you should see them now. Mind-blowing!

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