Photoshoot Recap—2015 NPC North Americans

Figure girl Nicole Pearson is back and better than ever in a new shoot from North Americans.

Beautiful figure girl Nicole Pearson is back in a new shoot from North Americans.

Nicole Pearson makes her highly anticipated return to the Studio in an awesome new update today, fresh from a shoot at the North Americans over the weekend. This was yet another record-setting NPC show, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,400 competitors on hand to show their stuff. It made for some long nights for both athletes and photographers out there in Pittsburgh this year.

The new footage of Nicole is her first on the site in nearly six years, and shows the muscle maturation of a hardcore lifter dedicated to a lifestyle of serious training. Highlights of Nicole’s terrific physique include great improvements to her back, quads and calves to go along with an already outstanding upper body. The beautiful Windy City native won the open figure division at this year’s Illinois State Championships and is looking chiseled and strong—plus her sexy posing is sure to add a tantalizing element to her video segments to come.

* * *

Megan Trimmer is also back on the site and boasting some impressive improvements of her own. Case in point, the Arizona physique girl wasn’t in town to compete at North Americans but probably could have considering the added size and definition. Megan was definitely photoshoot ready with great biceps, vascularity and those all-American good looks of hers.

* * *

Calle Vanni is a new figure competitor that we caught up with at North Americans, fresh off her top five finish. The blonde haired muscle girl out of Buffalo, New York brings rock solid arms, powerful legs and just a striking overall package. She’s definitely a pro card contender and you won’t want to miss her signature set of hard edged and rippling abs.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 8, 2015.

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