Briana Sokoloski Wins First Show, Takes on NPC USAs Next

Figure Competitor Briana Sokoloski. Age 22, Height 5'4", Weight 140.

Figure Competitor Briana Sokoloski. Age 22, Height 5’4″, Weight 140.

California’s Briana Sokoloski has exchanged her pom-poms for figure heels, and now instead of cheering for someone else, people are cheering for her. The 22-year-old brunette, a competitive cheerleader during all four years of high school, recently decided to try out for a figure competition and promptly owned the stage, winning the open class B title at the MuscleContest Grand Prix in L.A.

Cheerleading still gets criticized in some circles over its legitimacy as a sport, but it takes hard work and long hours of grueling practice to build up the strength and skill to compete at a high level. Case in point, Briana had less than a year of training under her belt before the figure show, but was already in such great shape from cheering that she stood out from the crowd.

Briana shared some thoughts on her win and a look at what she’ll do next. “Winning first felt great! Truly a blessing to be able to compete, let alone place! My next show is USA’s in Vegas.”

Now that she’s preparing for a national-level show, where the competition will be tougher, Briana is working harder than ever in the gym. “Training lately has been brutal, not going to sugar coat anything. I’ve been pushing myself like no other, but the results are what keep me motivated.”

Briana poses for a shot in Newport Beach, Calif.

Briana poses for a shot in Newport Beach, Calif.

Briana says her favorite area to train is shoulders and back and likes the progress she’s made on lats. “Shoulders are by far are my favorite to work till absolute failure. Having noodle arms and soreness from lifting my arms in the slightest is the best feeling.”

Briana’s debut photo shoot took place in Newport Beach, where the 5-foot-4, 140-pound athlete showed off her powerful build, likely to inspire more young competitors to try out for the stage. ”People often tell me my fitness pictures are motivating, which is a good feeling.”

Surprisingly, Briana says she doesn’t work biceps, which probably leaves people stunned considering the baseball-sized cannons she’s got going on. Genetics probably plays a part along with the constant lifting leftover from cheerleading practice. “Normally I get a good bicep pump from working different muscle groups.”

She demonstrated her power recently when a male coworker issued a push up challenge. “The challenge was to see how many push-ups we could complete in a minute. I barely beat him 55-51.”

Chalk it up as just another victory for a rising star figure girl who looks to have quite a few more ahead of her.

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~ by Dean Sucich on June 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Briana Sokoloski Wins First Show, Takes on NPC USAs Next”

  1. The fact that Briana doesn’t train arms is mind blowing. I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. I was flabbergasted to hear that from Briana, too. Those arms are practically up there in the women’s physique class! She’s something special that’s for sure.

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