New Model Kelly Lovan Sets High Marks at Powerlifting Meet

kelly3 kelly2

Our latest fit sensation is Kelly Lovan, a lovely and multi-talented firecracker from San Diego. Not only is this dynamic athlete one of the hottest young personal trainers in Southern California and a blossoming women’s physique competitor, but she’s also a rising force in powerlifting circles.

Kelly competed last weekend at the Western Warrior Powerlifting Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona and her impressive marks — including a 331-pound deadlift, 231-pound squat, and 185-pound bench press — qualifyied the 5-foot-3 brunette to compete next at the national level in the sport.

kelly1 kelly4a

Kelly shows off her hard-earned strength flexing on the physique stage and placed in the top five at the Ironman Natural in 2014. She also competed at the Jr. Nationals in 2013 and is a cinch to climb the division’s rankings this year.

Lou caught up with Kelly for her debut photoshoot out in San Diego recently and she was looking bulked-up and ready ahead of her latest powerlifting meet. Hopefully more news on Kelly to come, but for now enjoy some shots of this impressive new face as we kick off another season at the studio.


~ by Dean Sucich on February 25, 2015.

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