Figure Spotlight ǀ Ivana Ivusic

ivana1 ivana2

Ivana Ivusic is in the spotlight this holiday weekend and we’re celebrating with an enticing set of sample pics from her terrific debut shoot at the recent Phoenix Pro, where she finished in second place. This exciting young figure competitor out of Des Moines, Iowa is on the fast track to elite status in the IFBB.

If you’re just now discovering Ivana, that’s because the outstanding 23-year-old has only been on the figure scene for a little over a year. The dark-haired beauty rose to prominence quickly after earning a pro card at last year’s Nationals, and this season she’s been making her way around the IFBB stage in several competitions.

ivana3 ivana4

Ivana finally wrapped up the year with two more top-ten finishes, first at the Kentucky Pro and then at the Felicia Romero Classic a couple weekends ago in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to that, she was in Venice, California working out at the Mecca. Check out this video of her training back and biceps, looking fierce and focused and not a bit intimidated by her first time in the world famous gym.

Be sure to check out Ivana’s excellent new clips posted today where she heats things up with some sexy posing in the Southwest showing off a rippling contest ready physique. It’s only a matter of time before this striking young phenom muscles her way to the upper echelon of the pro league and reaches the Figure Olympia.


~ by Dean Sucich on November 29, 2014.

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