Photoshoot Recap—Emerald Cup 2014

Jacklyn Abrams shows off some added size in a picture from her new shoot at the 2014 Emerald Cup.

Jacklyn Abrams shows off some added size in a picture from a new shoot at the 2014 Emmy Cup.

We have a lot of great new footage of current favorites coming up from the Emerald Cup and some never-before-seen material as well. More on that in a moment but first a rundown of the shoots.

As mentioned last time, Michelle Lin is in the leadoff spot. Although she wasn’t competing this time, Michelle did participate in some powerlifting events at the expo over the weekend and is sporting some terrific quad development. Next we have the charming Oregon figure competitor Marissa Hein in a new shoot and one of our favorite bodybuilders and Emerald Cup regular, Wendy Lindquist, also returns.

Things heat up from there with the supremely athletic IFBB pro Rose Hendricks back in a third shoot showing off her exceptional fitness physique. Also returning is the beautiful young physique pro Jacklyn Abrams of Colorado, who has transitioned nicely after starting off in the fitness division. She finished seventh (out of 16) in the pro ranks.

Finally, those of you looking for a fresh twist at the studio will not be disappointed as the site will present video coverage of the Emerald Cup pro and amateur physique divisions. Lou was in the pit with Dan Ray and the rest of the photographers to film the athletes—including our own Rachel Gilmore in a routine that earned her second place—on stage in their physique posing rounds.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 10, 2014.

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