Photoshoot Recap—Arnold 2014

'Sill' to Come: New footage on the way of Nicole Sill, part of shoots from this year's Arnold.

‘Sill’ to Come: New footage on the way of Nicole Sill, part of shoots from this year’s Arnold.

We revealed newcomer Beata Antoninas in the last post, now let’s get caught up with the rest of new photoshoots from the Arnold Sports Festival held over the weekend…

Hayley Brylewski, the British fitness model, personal trainer and former national heptathlete, competed during this weekend’s event and makes an encore appearance on the studio soon. The 26-year-old previously was a figure competitor in the United Kingdom but switched to women’s physique this time. The move was anticipated given her high level of muscularity and conditioning.

Also returning is Nicole Sill, who impressed with her football throwing skills during her first shoot at California’s Santa Monica Beach. The rangy, athletic brunette is another figure to physique crossover and competed in Columbus. Same goes for the former volleyball player Jennifer Scott, from Arizona, who started in figure and switched to physique at the Arnold. We’ve got individual shoots lined up with Nicole and Jennifer, plus a Sisters in Arms tall girl feature with both.

Then there’s another striking new face, the rising young figure competitor Carli Terepka, a 19-year-old former high school track and field star from Cleveland. Last year alone, she placed second at the 2013 North Americans, fifth at the Jr. USAs and third at the Pittsburgh Championships. Carli currently studies at Kent State University.


~ by Dean Sucich on March 4, 2014.

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