Jackie Faine to Start Season at Jr. Nationals

Back in the Mix: Beautiful Jackie Faine returns to the Jr. Nationals figure stage this year.

Back in the Mix: Beautiful Jackie Faine returns to the Jr. Nationals figure stage this year.

Continuing a look this week at upcoming contest plans of some notable competitors, Chi-town figure girl Jackie Faine revealed she’ll begin her 2014 season with a home game at the Jr. Nationals. The 28-year-old also competed in the Windy City last year and finished fourth in her class in what was her national level debut.

Jackie went into most recent show, the NPC Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last fall, as a top contender but came up far short and didn’t even place in a tough tall class. But the 5-foot-10, 139-pound brunette standout has brushed off that disappointment and is looking toward redemption this June. “Hoping this time I clinch it,” she said on winning a pro card. “Ready to really push myself and go back to what worked before—but be better.”

Don’t overlook this future star, a former varsity tennis champion when she was just a freshman in high school. When I interviewed her last year, Jackie said she used to train with powerlifters and really got used to pushing around some serious iron. In fact, even though she’s become a polished and poised figure competitor, she still enjoys the adrenaline rush of being the girl in the gym lifting as heavy, sometimes heavier, than the guys. “Slamming weights that men were not lifting was appealing and I became addicted,” she says about starting out in the sport. “I was always able to lift more than my female friends.”

But is being stronger enough to beat her female friends on the tightly competitive amateur figure stage? Jackie’s working on it—and making progress as you can see in this splendid pose highlighting her formidable stature. “I’ll never slow up…I aim to have a physique that packs a punch in the line-up and stands out to the judges and audience.”


~ by Dean Sucich on February 18, 2014.

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