Five to Watch Out for in 2014

It’s another year and that means a new set of competitors on the edge of breakout campaigns. If you’re wondering who has the best chance to move up to the next level, here’s a handful of studio gems to keep an eye on…

Kay Jordt

Kay Jordt

Kay Jordt—One of the best personal trainers in the Midwest is a multiple figure champion and already a pro in the IFPA. Kay’s flawless physique leaves little doubt she’ll win an IFBB pro card this season.

Crystal Green

Crystal Green

Crystal Green—Bikini trending towards a slightly more muscular look on the pro level plays right into the hands of the athletic IFBB star from Colorado. Crystal has a great chance to qualify for the Olympia this year.

Jackie Faine

Jackie Faine

Jackie Faine—Flying under the radar after not placing in her last show but never mind that; Jackie still finished top five at Jr. Nationals last summer and is the real deal. Don’t bet against this Chi-town figure sweetheart who is a superstar in the making with a pro card in her future.

Carly Lobato

Carly Lobato

Carly Lobato—It’s no fluke when a girl steps on stage at the Jr. Nationals and comes away winning the overall title in fitness in her very first national show. Expect the dazzlingly talented Carly to challenge top fitness pros right away.

Rikki Smead

Rikki Smead

Rikki Smead—This 27-year-old standout has dominated physique since switching from bikini. Well, actually, only one national level show, but that’s all she needed to turn pro. Judging by Rikki’s stunning balance of symmetry and proportion, she’s going to win a few more.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 9, 2014.

One Response to “Five to Watch Out for in 2014”

  1. OMG! They are SOOOOO freakin ripped, it’s insane! For an average person like me, the last girl is just too much though. But then, as I mentioned, I’m not into body building, so take my comment with a grain of salt 🙂


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