Photoshoot recap: Olympia 2013

Batter Up: More Rene Marven coming soon from a new shoot at the Olympia.

Size Matters: More with bodybuilder Rene Marven coming soon from a new shoot at the Olympia.

As big shows go, the Arnold is still king but the Olympia is certainly right up there. This year the crowd was steady especially during expo hours. Many fans were excited to witness the inaugural Physique Olympia contest which was a headline event at this year’s show. Those rooting for Dana Lynn Bailey didn’t leave disappointed as the popular poster girl for the division took home the first ever top prize in IFBB physique. Meanwhile, a determined Nicole Wilkins saw her hard training pay off, regaining the throne with another Figure Olympia win.

With so much to do there wasn’t a whole lot of free time but we did get four new shoots for you. Here’s a rundown of what’s to come from Las Vegas.

Rene Marven needs no introduction. The young, up-and-coming pro might one day be on the Olympia stage as a competitor, but this time she was a spectator and we’ve got more of the popular bodybuilder to come. Rene was in off season, “growing” mode for this shoot which features two segments with one in the gym and another outside around sunset.

Next, we some new faces including Kirsten Van Arsdale, a great new physique competitor from Colorado; and Suzanne Delazzari, a hardbody from the United Kingdom who comes to us just a few weeks out from her upcoming physique competition across the pond.

Lastly, we have the beautiful Crystal Green, a fantastic new bikini pro from Georgia with one of the most impressive looks in the division. Like our recently interviewed Stacey Naito, Crystal is one of a handful of promising new pros that may encourage you to take another look at the improving division. The beauty was always there but now there’s a little more muscle to consider. More to come.


~ by Dean Sucich on October 7, 2013.

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