Photoshoot Recap—2013 NPC North Americans

Post updated with new pics from Toni Wheeler’s gallery posted today.

Back in Action: Former fitness competitor Toni Wheeler returned to North Americans as a member of the physique category.

Big Changes: Former fitness competitor Toni Wheeler returned to North Americans as a member of the physique category.

Let’s get right to a rundown of what’s to come from this past weekend’s North Americans in Pittsburgh; it’s another tantalizing mix (seven shoots in all) of fresh and familiar faces along with some neat surprises and twists you will enjoy.

During my preview of the show last week, I hinted at the possibility of new material with Janet Gerber and, indeed, the exotic, raven-haired physique competitor returns in contest-shape for a third shoot. Also back for a delightful encore is the blonde Texas cutie Tracy Pruitt, who competed in both open and masters figure.

We also have a new shoot with Angela Kegler coming soon. This is our third time visiting with the impressive longtime figure competitor, who is also a physical therapist and a mom. Angela had one of her best finishes at the 2012 North Americans, when she came away the winner of class C and just missed earning a pro card. She competed again this year and appears in contest shape for this shoot. Angela was the 2010 figure overall champion at the Arnold Amateur in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Former fitness girl Toni Wheeler returns with a bigger look for the physique division, and there’s three new models including physique competitor Tish Shelton, an Alabama native who won her pro card over the weekend. We also have bodybuilder Cheryl Faust and figure competitor Danyelle Mastarone. A sweet surprise as part of Danyelle’s shoot was the figure shortie (she’s only 4-foot-11) doing some nicely improvised chin-ups for us during a segment, proving once again that strong things sometimes come in small packages.

As always stay tuned for more info on the ladies, hopefully a few new interviews, and of course pictures from the latest shoots.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 16, 2013.

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