Kelcie Gahley Makes History at Team Universe

Teen Fitness Queen: New pro Kelcie Gahley shows off her powerful quads.

Teen Fitness Queen: New pro Kelcie Gahley shows off her powerful quads.

Ever since winning the Tanji Johnson classic in her competitive debut last year, Kelcie Gahley has been on a mission to become one of the youngest women ever to turn pro in the fitness ranks. At the recent Team Universe and Fitness Nationals in New Jersey, she clinched second-place in her class, enough to earn a pro card—reaching her dream one day shy of her twentieth birthday.

The 19-year-old—who grew up in Alaska and now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii—celebrated in style, crossing the Hudson and visiting Manhattan for the first time. She even did some sweet fitness tricks in Midtown that no doubt impressed passerby in the heart of Times Square, who probably thought she was a celebrity doing a stunt for a TV show.

In a way, she is and was. Kelcie certainly showed a flair for the dramatic worthy of great theater at Team Universe, actually overcoming a broken toe en route to capturing her pro card. The judges seemed to agree that even a busted tire couldn’t slow down the determined teen fitness queen as she powered through her trophy-winning routine. Making the story even more compelling was the fact that this was Kelcie’s first national-level show—she has yet to place lower than second in any competition.

Afterwards, Kelcie showered her facebook page with thanks to her sponsors and friends. The excited new pro also shared another message about staying motivated even when the odds are stacked against you. “Work towards your goals even if they seem too great,” she wrote. “I told everyone I would become a Fitness Pro before I was 20 and they discouraged me. I proved them wrong and stayed true to myself. Never give up on your dreams because if you work hard they CAN come true.”

And they did. So what does she do for an encore? Is her next goal to be the youngest pro to ever qualify for the Olympia? Kelcie brings a wide range of skills and a phenomenal physique to the IFBB, including superhero-like back development and titanic quads. As a former gymnast and cheerleader, she has all the right technical moves for a solid routine; furthermore, backgrounds in powerlifting and track & field lend her a rare mix of explosive power and speed that could potentially set her apart.

If she’s capable of winning a pro card with a broken toe, it will definitely be interesting to see how she can do at one hundred percent at the pro level. Who knows? We might be witnessing the blossoming of the next great fitness icon.


~ by Dean Sucich on July 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Kelcie Gahley Makes History at Team Universe”

  1. It’s scary (in a good way) thinking how much better Kelcie is going to get and only being 19 years of age. There’s no telling what she’s going to bring to the pro rankings, and I’m looking forward to every bit of it. 🙂

    • I’m thinking youngest competitor to ever qualify for the Olympia or even an Arnold invite. Either one would be a great thing for Kelcie and the sport itself.

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