Carly Lobato Wins 2013 Jr. Nationals Fitness Overall Title

Fitness Princess: Adorable Carly Lobato points to the abs that helped her win Jr. Nationals.

Fitness Princess: Adorable Carly Lobato points to the abs that helped her win Jr. Nationals.

Talk about finishing the weekend on a high note. We wrapped up another fantastic year at Jr. Nationals with an epic flourish on Monday, scoring a photoshoot with the spectacular Carly Lobato, overall champion of the fitness division in her national level debut. She’s our latest model and what a tremendous discovery!

Winning a pro card at this show is no easy task. Many women compete for years to achieve what Carly did on her very first try! It was an emotional, unforgettable moment for the 27-year-old when she was on stage at Finals in what she later described as a dream come true.

In addition to practicing and performing her championship-winning routine, she was a popular photoshoot candidate and spent a whole lot of time in front of the camera. At the end of a busy weekend, Carly was a charming bundle of energy during our shoot. This one has something for everyone, packed with a wide variety of exciting content like fitness tricks, strength moves, pull-ups, bicep measuring and of course plenty of flexing and smiles.

Mighty Cute: Carly showed her strength with some pullups and other fitness tricks.

Mighty Cute: Carly shows her strength with pullups and other fitness tricks.

It’s really a tribute to fitness—the best division of all—that this shoot is destined to be remembered as one of the most entertaining ever on the site. No coincidence, that’s what happens when you work with a great fitness girl like Carly—you find out of just how beautiful, strong and healthy the gifted athletes of this magnificent sport really are.

Not surprisingly, the adorable 5-foot-5 brunette beauty comes with an accomplished athletic background as a former competitive cheerleader for the University of Colorado. A local competitor for two-and-a-half years, Carly had won three straight shows in her home state before winning the biggest one yet Saturday night in Chicago.

Carly got into fitness as a way to launch a new challenge and continue as an athlete. Just a few highlights of her amazing physique and athleticism are captured in these sample pics—like great traps, shoulders and triceps in press holds and pushups—and more to come from our shoot showing some of reasons behind her lightning-quick ascent into the pro ranks. Our latest fitness superstar is already thinking about making her IFBB debut at this year’s Tampa Pro, hoping to continue surfing a wave of momentum after her historic win at the Jr. Nationals.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 19, 2013.

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