Jr. Nats 2013—Melissa Shuster

Cute & Curvy: Former figure girl Melissa Shuster is back and better than ever as a physique competitor.

Cute & Curvy: Former figure girl Melissa Shuster, posing today at Jr. Nats, is back and better than ever as a physique competitor.

Reporting from Chicago, our first shoot on Sunday morning was with the new and improved Melissa Shuster, who competed in physique and placed fourth in her class. It was the dazzling, dark-haired beauty’s second shoot for the studio and she’s since made some pretty substantial improvements.

For starters, the former figure competitor, considered too muscular for that division, shifted to physique in the off season and the transition has been a revelation for the 34-year-old out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The rapid turnaround has certainly motivated the 5-foot-6 one-time soccer and fast-pitch softball player (she played catcher) who is now considering the NPC USAs later this summer for her next show. Considering how strong she finished at the highly competitive Jr. Nationals, it’s not a stretch to suggest she’s an immediate contender for a pro card in Las Vegas.

The weather was ideal early in the morning and we were able to shoot with Melissa outdoors (as opposed to her debut shoot which took place inside). As you’ll notice, she’s made dramatic improvements to her physique—more conditioned vascularity, steely abs and amazing upper body—to go along with striking good looks and piercing eyes. Melissa really knows how to command the camera with sexy, fierce facial expressions. We also have another bicep measuring segment that you won’t want to miss.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 16, 2013.

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