Erica Blockman Wins Physique Overall, Pro Card at Jr. Nationals

Physique Champ: Erica posing yesterday during her new shoot at Jr. Nationals, where she won her IFBB pro card.

Physique Champ: Erica posing yesterday during her new shoot at Jr. Nationals, where she won her IFBB pro card.

After working so hard on making improvements only to be left with consecutive top six finishes at the NPC Nationals in Florida, our own star physique girl Erica Blockman had grown so disillusioned with the sport that the 26-year-old considered hanging up her competition suit and stepping away.

Last night at the Jr. Nationals in Chicago, Erica’s recent disappointments were washed away in a flood of jubilant elation when she took home the top prize and a pro card in women’s physique.

It was a tale of sweet redemption and validation for the outstanding 5-foot-1 powerhouse, who swept the category, first winning the short class and later claiming the overall physique championship. She was the unanimous choice—an obvious standout during Friday’s prejudging—and the win left the Mt. Shasta, California native glowing with happiness on stage.

The overall trophy was icing on the cake, underscoring her tireless determination to succeed these past few years. Erica has always had a magnificent upper body and core—highlighted by her stunning upper back, densely muscled shoulders, thick triceps and chiseled abs—but her smaller lower body meant she needed to bring up her leg development.

Erica certainly accomplished that goal and you can see the results in these comparison photos from her brand new shoot yesterday just hours before her victorious romp. Just check out the dramatic difference in muscularity in her quads between unflexed and flexed poses.

We’re excited to bring this wonderful, freshly-crowned IFBB physique pro back to the studio. Erica’s friendliness and smile have a way of lighting up the room; she’s a delightful sweetheart in person and it was a joy to cover her win.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 16, 2013.

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