Jr. Nats—Beautiful Jamie Byron Caps Busy Day of Shoots

Star Quality: Figure competitor Jamie Byron poses during her debut shoot at the 2013 Jr. Nationals in Chicago.

Star Quality: Introducing the amazingly cute figure competitor Jamie Byron, posing during her debut shoot at the 2013 Jr. Nationals in Chicago.

Sometimes you find undiscovered talent just by walking around the expo or even the lobby at a show like Jr. Nationals. Fortunately, that’s what happened with Jamie Byron, a brand new figure competitor we met here in Chicago. The 29-year-old showstopper out of Denver, Colorado brings the goods in her debut shoot—beautiful cover girl looks, stunning physique, charming personality and playful attitude—and easily rockets to the top of the ranks in becoming one of the best new models on the site this year.

Showing off her background in dance, Jamie gave us an excellent sample of some Latin-themed moves like the salsa and cha-cha with great fluidity and an adorable smile that will be a video highlight to come. Also worth mentioning is some more bicep measuring footage; Jamie told us she considers arms her best bodypart—then she proved it with shots like this. Let me just say that you’ll be impressed by both the baseball-shape and expansion of this 5-foot-6 figure tall class standout.

* * *

Jamie put the finishing touches on a busy Saturday (four shoots in all) which featured three other shoots including Kay Jordt, as mentioned in my last post. We also worked with two physique competitors, Tracy Weller and Erica Blockman. Tracy is new to the studio and Erica—who may leave the Windy City this weekend with a pro card—returns in her best shape yet. More on those shoots to come and more action coming up tomorrow so stay tuned.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 15, 2013.

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