Interview with Figure Competitor Kay Jordt

Pretty Pumped: Figure girl Kay Jordt will compete at the NPC Upper Midwest next weekend.

Pretty Pumped: Figure girl Kay Jordt will compete at the NPC Upper Midwest next weekend.

You couldn’t ask of a better new model to open the year. Our latest addition to the site is IFPA figure pro Kay Jordt, a personal trainer and mom of two from Baldwin, Wisconsin. The 34-year-old works as the fitness coordinator at Riverfront Athletic Club in the Badger State and currently is just one week out from her next competition, the NPC Upper Midwest in Fargo, North Dakota on March 23.

Originally from southwest Minnesota, Kay’s competitive career began last year with two shows in Bloomington, Minn., the 2012 Fitness America Great North and the NANBF Mr. and Mrs. Minnesota, winning her figure class in the first and the overall title—including an IFPA pro card—in the second. She went on to compete at the Figure Universe in Las Vegas where she finished fifth.

After next week’s show, Kay plans to take on the NPC Gopher State in Eden Prairie on April 6, followed by the NANBF Mr. & Mrs. Natural Minnesota May 10. Stops at the NPC Jr. Nationals and USAs later this summer are also a possibility. The 5-foot-6, 136-pound raven-haired beauty is certain to qualify for nationals, and with her striking symmetry and overall proportions is likely to be an early IFBB pro card contender.

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Dean: Were you always athletic and fit growing up? What sports were you involved in throughout high school or college?


Rippling Core: The Wisconsin personal trainer flexes impressive abs during her shoot at this year’s Arnold.

Kay: I have been an athlete and fit since I was little. From waterskiing at the age of 5 to playing volleyball, basketball and softball throughout my middle school and high school years. At the University of South Dakota, I worked for campus recreation teaching group fitness classes. Now I continue my career as the Fitness Coordinator for Riverfront Athletic Club in Hudson, WI. I personal train many clients along with teaching group fitness classes.

Dean: What inspired you to try out figure competitions?

Kay: When I was little I remember watching a few competitions and always wanted to do one. Last year one of my friends did her first competition. She encouraged me to do one. Never did I think I would win my first two shows!!

Dean: I understand you’re headed for the Ms. Natural Minnesota on May 10. How is it like competing in the IFPA league? It must be a thrill considering this will be your pro debut.

Kay: Yes! I’m so excited for this show!! These women that compete in the IFPA are incredible!! Very strong, defined, muscular figure pros!! I am thrilled to compete with these ladies!!

Dean: What accomplishments in the gym are you most proud of so far? Is there an area of your physique that you had to train extra hard to catch up to the rest?

Star Quality: Kay won her first two shows and is already an IFPA figure pro.

Star Quality: Kay won her first two shows and is already an IFPA figure pro.

Kay: My shoulders and glutes have really grown (in a good way). My favorite body part to work is my back!

Dean: You won a pull up contest at the Arnold which, given the fitness crowd that gathers there, sounds like an amazing feat of strength! Were you pretty confident that you’d win?

Kay: I honestly did not think I was going to win!! I thought I would come close. The cheers from the crowd were amazing!! The girls from my team were the ones to push me into doing it! So glad they did!!

Dean: Thanks for doing this interview! Is there anyone else you’d like to give a shout out for supporting or encouraging you along your fitness journey?

Kay: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!! I am truly blessed to be given what I have in my life!! Would love to thank my wonderful husband Matt and my two beautiful girls Anna and Haley for their continual support all year long and especially during training season!!


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