2013 Arnold Photoshoots, More Contest News

Jhi's Back: The South Korean cutie stopped by for a new shoot from Columbus.

Jhi’s Back: The South Korean cutie stopped by for a new shoot from Columbus.

The Arnold Sports Festival wrapped up last weekend and as usual it was a busy few days with various contests, promotions, throngs of people flooding the expo floor and one of the biggest pro competitions of the year on the main stage. For sites like ours, this show is less about the actual photo shoots and more meet-and-greet, setting the table for other events throughout the year. Still, we do have four new shoots coming from Columbus.

Three of four are familiar faces. Bodybuilder Lisa Aranda, an Ohio native, returns for new shoot; Kashma Maharaj, who competed and won the amateur lightweight bodybuilding division, is back for a contest-shape encore; and Asian sensation Yeon Woo Jhi, who is streamlining her look to compete in physique, checks in for a third shoot. Our latest new model coming soon is Kay Jordt, a top figure athlete in the IFPA federation who plans to make her pro debut in the Ms. Natural Minnesota on May 10 in Bloomington, Minn.

Elsewhere on the contest beat…

Marissa Hein is training hard and excited about her progress less than three weeks out from her season debut, the Vancouver Natural/Tanji Johnson Classic on March 30 in Vancouver, Wash. On her blog, the pretty figure girl wrote about how she’s started crossfit workouts and dramatically increased her pull up strength. “Over the course of the last 5 months I have gone from being able to do a couple of unassisted pull ups in one set to being able to do 12-15 in a set with a few sets too,” Marissa wrote, adding how empowering it feels doing multiple pull ups while guys look on with envy at her gym.

Caroline Williams is off to a great start in the physique division. The former cheerleader, track and soccer player turned personal trainer and chiropractor out of Las Vegas won the physique overall title at the NPC Gold Coast Classic in Southern California last month.

Victoria Adelus recently announced her pro debut. The talented former fitness competitor and TV news anchor, who earned her pro card at Team Universe last summer, plans to compete this weekend at the St. Louis Pro.

Over and Out: Bikini Pro Shelsea Montes puts the brakes on her competitive career..

Over and Out: Bikini Pro Shelsea Montes puts the brakes on her competitive career.

Cristina Ortiz has shifted to the NPC and will kick off her season at the Jr. USAs. The bikini competitor out of Orlando, Florida won her class and the overall championship at the OCB Florida State Classic Cup last fall to claim an IFPA pro card.

Shelsea Montes, one of the first ever bikini pros, has decided to retire. She broke the news in an emotional post on her blog, citing fatigue and metabolic damage. Shelsea won her pro card in 2010 and competed in several shows—including the Bikini International and Bikini Olympia—over a two year span but weight issues made prep increasingly difficult and distressing. She shares helpful advice (and links) for other competitors with similar symptoms. “If your body can’t get lean enough in a certain prep time to where you have to do hours of cardio or crash diet, give yourself more time. Competitions will always be there.”

~ by Dean Sucich on March 12, 2013.

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