Fitness Pro Talks About Division, Plans Season Debut

Fitness Rules: Ashley Sebera's loving tribute is just what the struggling division needs.

Fitness Rules: Ashley Sebera pens loving tribute to the beleaguered and beloved division.

Fitness star Ashley Sebera hasn’t made her pro debut yet but she’s already making positive headlines for a division which continues to somehow fade into the background despite overwhelming popularity, entertainment value and historic significance. This year there will only be six professional fitness shows and just two, the Fitness International and Olympia, will be held in the United States unless more dates are added.

Last week, Ashley wrote an impassioned tribute to the sport and its sensational athletes—ten of whom to showcase their dazzling aerial and strength skills in Columbus later this week—that has circulated on social media and forums.

“The preparation and mindset in fitness is not like anything else,” Ashley wrote in part of her letter. “These women have to not only train strong in the gym with weights, but also have to take time to go into a studio to perform and come up with a routine that shows their true strength ability!”

Ashley talked about the myriad things fitness competitors have to do to prepare for a show, in many cases balancing careers and family life. “You make time for your food prep, cardio, stretching, weight training, tumbling, routine time and preparation, suit fitting, costume designs, mixing music, and posing practice… I don’t think that it is taken into consideration how much is involved in the fitness division. I appreciate each and everyone’s hard work and really look up to each of you for keeping fitness strong!”

Ashley will be attending the Arnold Expo working at the Smart Shake booth and wished all the Fitness International competitors good luck at the competition. The beautiful Ohio native earned her pro card at the Fitness Nationals last season. She plans to make her own IFBB debut in May at the Toronto Pro Fitness Championships. Ashley shows off a few fitness tricks in video here on the site so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already—they’re some of the best clips of 2012!


~ by Dean Sucich on February 24, 2013.

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