Jen Moriarty Battles Flu, Takes Third at Nationals


Jen Moriarty

One of our newest faces on the studio is promising figure girl and personal trainer Jen Moriarty, who comes from Naperville, Illinois right outside my hometown of Chicago. Jen’s new photo shoot took place on NPC Nationals weekend a couple months ago, where the pretty, brunette star competed in class B.

When I caught up with Jen around Thanksgiving, she revealed that she competed at Nationals while dealing with the flu, bronchitis and a high fever. Being so sick, the fact that she was able to get on the stage at all shows how determined she is—but even more astonishing is that the bug didn’t stop her from eventually claiming third place.

Jen is used to overcoming adversity. On her Facebook page, she wrote about using figure competitions as a goal after suffering severe injuries in a car accident two years ago. Doctors said she wouldn’t be the same but Jen set out to prove them wrong. She battled courageously through pain, training six days a week to prepare for her first show.

When it was over she had surprised everyone, including herself, by taking first in her figure class at the 2011 Midwest Iron Man. “In that moment,” Jen wrote, “I was filled with gratitude for all the amazing people in my life that kept me going, and I was startled that despite my incredibly rocky prep, I took home a first place trophy and national qualification.”


Jen poses during her shoot at NPC Nationals in Atlanta.

This past year, she won at two more shows—the NPC Mid-Illinois and NPC Illinois State—before taking the stage in her hometown at Jr. Nationals and finishing a very strong third in her national-level debut. Counting Nationals in Atlanta, she goes into 2013 with five shows to her credit including three wins and nothing lower than third place. She’s made first call-outs at every show so far.

Even though Jen’s been through a lot and has had doubts along the way, rather than make excuses she’s kept pushing herself to improve. “Excuses are like a safety net,” she says. “When you give them all up and give something your all, it’s scary. But, hey, I’ve never done anything in my life that was worthwhile that didn’t also scare the day lights out of me right before I did it, so I must be on the right track!”

Jen remains on the right track in her figure career despite some profound setbacks. She could very easily be headed for a breakout year.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 4, 2013.

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