Interview with New Pro Bodybuilder Rene Marven

New IFBB pro bodybuilder Rene Marven

Pro bodybuilder Rene Marven

It was a breakthrough year for Rene Marven, who won the middleweight class and earned a pro card at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta. The 25-year-old’s magical national-level debut sent her soaring into the IFBB ranks as one of its youngest and most promising new pros. She plans to hit the stage next season at the Toronto Pro in late May.

We have photos from Rene’s latest shoot during Nationals weekend—where she shows off her outstanding, championship-caliber form—and I was fortunate to catch up with the new star to get some of her thoughts on the big win as well as a look ahead to 2013.

The popular 5-foot-2 personal trainer from New York started as Fit Body contestant before moving on to figure, but always knew her place was in bodybuilding from the moment she did her first routine. Now she’s claimed her place as one of the best.

Dean: First of all, congratulations, Champ! Knowing how passionate you are about bodybuilding from last time we talked, it must have been such an amazing feeling winning your pro card at Nationals. Can you describe some emotions and thoughts you had the moment they announced you as the middleweight winner?

Rene: “Thank You!! I felt great with my condition going into the show and knew I was at my best shape to date, but hearing my name as the winner wasn’t like anything I could ever imagine. I was so ecstatic smiling so hard my eyes looked shut!”

Dean: Were you pretty confident or a little nervous thinking you had a chance to pull off the win?

Rene poses during a shoot at NPC Nationals, where she won the middleweight class.

Rene poses during a shoot at NPC Nationals, where she won the middleweight class.

Rene: “This year I worked with IFBB pro Fakhri Mubarak to take my physique to the next level. I was very confident with myself going into the show. Every show going in the goal is to win of course, but you never know for sure until they announce the winners. However, I was certainly prepared for anything! Having Fak as a coach was great, especially him being there to check in two or three times a day, from the day I got to Atlanta through show day.”

Dean: It’s always interesting to learn about a competitor’s routine backstage during a big show. In a tense moment like Nationals, is there anything special that you did or talked about before getting up on stage for finals?

Rene: “My routine backstage has always been to relax and know when I need to be ready. I like to have about fifteen minutes to fix suit, oil, eat pre-stage snack, and pump up. I followed the same plan for the finals and just waited to get called for my routine—my favorite part of competing!! As far as feeling tense or nervous, I do experience that before stepping on stage at every show for literally the last minute. Once I get on stage, all nerves are gone and I feel ‘at home.’”

Dean: In our first interview, you mentioned being proud of improvements to your lower body. The separation and definition in your legs at Nationals was outstanding and proves you did your homework! Your arms and abs looked better than ever as well. As far as training, did you focus on anything particular for this show?

Rene: “I’m a firm believer of consistency leading to results. From my last season competing June 2011, I had another 16 months in the gym to work on my ‘nationals package.’ No matter how excited I get to do something I’m known for taking my time. Before entering my first bodybuilding show, I chose my music and started working on a posing routine almost a year out! Next month I’ll be 26, and know there is ever more time before I hit my peak in this sport; I’ll be around for a while.”

Dean: So what are your plans for the off season? Have you picked out at show for your pro debut next year?

The new pro will make her debut at the Toronto SuperShow in May.

The new pro will make her debut at the Toronto SuperShow in May.

Rene: “Training has been the same for me; however, my cardio has dropped a lot less than I was doing before nationals. I will be making my pro debut in the Toronto Pro Super Show the weekend of May 31-June 2. My goal is to bring a similar package like in Atlanta with even better condition. Striated glutes and a smaller waist are a couple things I’m working towards for competing as a pro!”

Dean: I noticed a blog post on your website in which you did a recap of your clients’ competitions and progress throughout the year. That’s a great idea! I think taking this type of interest helps show what an excellent and meticulous personal trainer you are. Do you find yourself more motivated to succeed whenever you help a client reach their goals?

Rene: “Thanks! When my clients compete I feel like I am competing! Being an online coach allows me to work with clients living all over. We are in close contact every week leading to their competition. So even though I could be miles away, it’s like I’m right there with them. Success in general motivates me, however, when it’s my clients it’s like family; I’m happy when they are. I’ve got clients preparing for shows in April, May and June (so far). 2013 is going to be another good year for our team!”


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