Denise Maxwell One to Watch on National Level

Figure Competitor & Fitness Model Denise Maxwell

It might be easy to overlook Denise Maxwell, a great new fitness model who premiered on the site recently, among a flood of impressive talent coming aboard this year. But the tall brunette comes with a solid pedigree after winning her figure class at the Emerald Cup.

Denise’s sharp new photos and video come from a shoot at USAs over the summer, where she made her national-level debut. The result in Las Vegas didn’t exactly make headlines (she placed 15th out of 21 in class E) but this is still a competitor worth watching for many reasons.

And she has made impressive leaps before. Consider her win at the Emerald Cup last April came just one year after she placed 13th in her class on the same stage, a pretty notable turnaround for the registered dietician and protégée of Tanji Johnson’s Save Fitness team.

Denise has competed sporadically since 2000. She did her first show in bodybuilding at age 19, but like many others, discovered her niche when the figure division was introduced. She actually has a physique that could be ideal for today’s bikini look, where her lighter muscularity compliments her exquisite, girl next door appeal.

Either way, it’s important to remember that several distinguished fitness and figure careers started with success at the Emerald Cup. Denise has that feather in her cap and it’s one reason to watch out for her in the near future.

Two more reasons—this smile and this bicep.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 7, 2012.

One Response to “Denise Maxwell One to Watch on National Level”

  1. I remember Denise from well over ten years ago as A competitor at the Emerald Cup. If I am not mistaken, she was in the lightweight bodybuilding class. Much leaner and with more visible muscle, she was every bit as stunning as she is now. Great to see such a beautiful athlete back on stage!

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