Photoshoot Recap: USAs 2012

Gemma Santos

At least two changes marked this year’s NPC USAs. First, Jon Lindsay, the avuncular west coast promoter, took over the reins as top sponsor; and second, the event this time around awarded pro cards to the top two in each class in all divisions except bodybuilding, borrowing a page from Team Universe.

Here’s a roundup of six new photoshoots coming soon to the Studio. All the models listed competed last weekend and will be in contest shape. More news and pics from Red Rock to come.

The bodybuilding category wasn’t well represented at Jr. Nationals this year but that changed in time for USAs. A total of 31 women competed in the desert and none were better than Tierany Chertien of Austin, Tex., who won the light-heavyweight class and then overall title to claim the division’s only pro card.

Two new physique competitors around the corner including Michelle Trapp out of San Diego, who won a pro card after winning class C. Also, Holland Canter, a 24-year-old Air Force lieutenant and longtime gymnast who brings cute looks and enthusiastic posing. The newcomer placed 13th in a tough class B lineup but is a rising star in just her first year competing.

Over in figure, Jayla McDermott took sixth in class E and could have been better, the judges told her, if she competed in physique. The 30-year-old will reportedly heed the advice from the front row and enter WP next time. Fitness would also seem like an option considering her background in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading.

Also joining the roster, Denise Maxwell, who won her height class earlier this year at the Emerald Cup, adds to our strong collection of athletes from the Northwest. And capping things off, Gemma Santos, featured at the top in a picture from her debut shoot at last year’s show, returns for an encore.


~ by Dean Sucich on August 2, 2012.

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