Caroline Williams Prepares for Physique Debut

Caroline Williams, a chiropractor and personal trainer in Las Vegas, is back on the competition scene.

Caroline Williams just began her pre-contest diet ahead of her next competition, the Las Vegas Classic slated for November 3rd. It will mark the physique division debut for the former figure and fitness competitor, who was on the same stage last year and took fourth place her figure class. Caroline also placed fifth in her only other show of 2011, the California State Championships.

Taking on the physique division will be something new and exciting for the 40-year-old longtime athlete and personal trainer, who played soccer, basketball, ran track and was a cheerleader in high school. “I was always active growing up,” Caroline told me in our interview this week. “In younger years always outside climbing trees, riding bikes, took swimming and tennis lessons and some dance classes.”

Working out was a natural transition and even began with a memorable flourish recounts the long-haired, classic brunette beauty. “I literally joined a gym on my 18th birthday,” she said. “I had been doing some working out before then and couldn’t wait to get into a real gym and start lifting. I saw results right away and got hooked.”

Feminine but Muscular

Caroline remembers the days when most of the fittest physiques could only be glimpsed on the magazine racks, and how they inspired her. “I started getting into reading the bodybuilding and fitness magazines early when Cory Everson was on the scene.”

One of Caroline’s favorites was the popular Rachel McLish, whose look—similar to the one Caroline has by now sculpted for herself—compares with some of today’s physique competitors. “A beautiful physique, feminine but muscular,” she describes Rachel. “Interesting how that’s coming full circle and physique is now up and coming.”

Caroline’s first two competitions—both fitness shows—were in 1999 in her hometown for 18 years, Kansas City, Mo. “I did Fittest of the Fit and came in second, and an NANBF show that same year and placed first,” she said. “It was a great experience but took a lot of work. I knew if I had a goal and deadline to meet I could take my physique to the next level. That’s been my motivation, to see what’s possible. I was so proud of the transformation at that time.”

Caroline’s stats: Age: 40; Height: 5’6″; Weight: 150; Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.; Currently: Las Vegas, Nev.

Back in Action

These days staying fit is not only part of Caroline’s lifestyle, it’s an integral part of her career. Currently, she’s one of the leading chiropractors in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nev. Not surprisingly, when some of her patients who come in for treatment get a good look at her—all 5-foot-6 and 150-pounds of fitness competition quality muscle—they ask for tips on how she stays in such amazing shape, especially right before a show.

“I had quite a few patients and friends asking me to help them, so I added it into services I offer,” Caroline said on the strength and conditioning training she’s added to her repertoire. “Being a chiropractor, we receive training on how to rehab injuries, sports injuries and help reeducate muscles for specific performance. I also have a history of personal training over the years. It’s great because I can work with the average person who just wants to lose a few pounds or get in shape, all the way to performance athletes. It’s a lot of fun.”

Caroline also gets a lot of support on her fitness lifestyle from family. “My sister is a tri-athlete and has always been competitive, so she’s really proud and gets it,” she said. “My daughter’s not really into building muscle but appreciates the time, commitment and dedication it takes, and admits I look better than I have in a longtime.”

On her own physique, Caroline says her back is her best feature but legs seem to be close behind. “I naturally have a strong back and strong core,” she said, adding, “I’ve been really working on my legs and shoulders and have a lot more development in my legs. My sister was really impressed with how strong I had gotten in my legs last time I visited her which was last August. It motivated her to start training harder with weights and push herself which is always great to hear.”

Getting Ready for Physique

The new women’s physique division has seen its share of successful crossovers and Caroline hopes to be one of the next. “I’ve been preparing this last year to move into that category,” she says on making the switch. “I’ve been working on my size and shape all year so expect this next show to be my best look. You really need to have it all: a great shape and the conditioning to see it.”

Caroline resumed competing in 2011 in figure. She shifts to the physique division this year.

After the Las Vegas Classic, Caroline plans to do the NPC Excalibur in California this December. Meanwhile, there’s the chance of earning a national qualification and the opportunity to compete for a pro card down the road, something she never really thought about until now.

“First and foremost, I enjoy training and the physical transformation that occurs; it meets my need to be creative. So I definitely do this for myself,” Caroline explained. “I didn’t start out with any grandiose goals, but now I do see the possibility to get my pro card with physique. It’s a great time to be entering this new category so we’ll have to see what happens. Either way, I enjoy the process.”

Caroline’s Websites and Special Thanks

“My website for my chiropractic is, facebook page is drcaroline williams or personal is caroline kay williams. I will be lauching a site with more modeling pics and contest photos, solely representing me as a competitor. It should be pretty cool.

“Long term, I’d love to create and market a new clothing line focusing on sportswear and swimwear. I was approached by two different people on partnering with them last year so that’s a work in progress.

“I’d like to give a shout out to Theresa at Axiom med spa. She’s my office mate and does the most amazing work with permanent makeup and eyelash extensions among other things. Check out her website at

“Last but not least, thanks to all my friends, family and patients, and all those I have yet to meet personally that support the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Much Love!!”


~ by Dean Sucich on July 27, 2012.

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