Ashley Sebera Wins Pro Card at Fitness Nationals

Ashley Sebera

The other half of Ohio’s new fitness dream team just joined her trainer among the IFBB ranks. Ashley Sebera, training protégée of new pro Amanda Hatfield, earned her pro card at the NPC Fitness Nationals on Saturday night.

Last month, longtime fitness star Amanda finally broke through with a pro card win after taking the short class at Jr. Nationals. Meanwhile, good friend Ashley took the stage in Chicago and made her mentor proud with a third place finish in the medium class. But she wasn’t done.

This weekend, it was Ashley’s turn to shine—she earned a pro card by placing second in the medium class in New Jersey. Amanda was on hand to cheer her good friend from the audience. Both are now fitness pros from the Buckeye State.

Ashley has shown dramatic improvement since finishing out of the top 16 at last year’s North Americans. Back then, she was still competing in bikini; since shifting to fitness this year, she’s been a revelation. During 2012, she was sixth at the Jr. USAs before climbing to third at Jr. Nationals. Now after Fitness Nationals, she’s an IFBB pro.

Amanda’s talent, dedication and coaching have clearly inspired the young rising star. Before Fitness Nationals, Ashley took a moment to praise her friend and teacher on Facebook. “Never met someone more deserving and hardworking than her! Amazing mother. Amazing woman. Amazing best friend. Amazing athlete!”

Amanda Hatfield

Both competitors were gifted gymnasts before turning to fitness. Still to come on the site, pictures and video from Ashley’s new shoot at Jr. Nationals, including can’t-miss footage capturing some of her strength moves and overall athletic talents. Here’s a look at her routine from Jr. USAs.

“I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to be here and have an awesome support team,” Ashley wrote in another post. “I smile every time someone says ‘good luck, Ash,’ or even my other fitness girls acknowledging one another and coming all together! It’s an awesome feeling! I have to give it to my role model Amanda who has taken me under her wing [and not only] built me up to where I need to be but never left my side through the journey!”

These days, Amanda and Ashley seem to be feeding off each other’s energy and enthusiasm. Their shared success this season has been a great story for a sport that struggles to grow in numbers but electrifies audiences like no other division.

But with exciting new pros in the mix like Amanda, sensational young Jackie Abrams (reigning Jr. USAs overall champ), the incredible Jodi Boam (Toronto Pro winner and legitimate Olympia contender), and now Ashley, just to name a few, things are definitely looking up.

Ashley sums it up best. “Now fitness ladies, let’s take over and bring this sport back to where it needs to be!”


~ by Dean Sucich on July 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ashley Sebera Wins Pro Card at Fitness Nationals”

  1. Could not be any happier for Ashley and of course Amanda, for turning pro within a few weeks of each other. Wow!! Quite a story. My hometown Cleveland girls have rocked it big time.

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