Interview with Bikini Competitor Allison Taylor

Getting Set: Allison started competing in bikini this year after being a star track & field and soccer player during college.

Not long after completing a splendid collegiate career as a scholarship track athlete, Allison Taylor is off to another running start in the fitness industry. The 25-year-old out of Whittier, California only began training to compete this past January, but after placing second in her debut show has quickly added her name to a growing list of striking new competitors to hit the scene.

Allison competed again at the recent California State Championships, taking 12th in bikini C, the largest class with 21 women. She’ll likely place higher in figure given her level of muscle, and she’s contemplating a switch. Her next show will be the highly challenging NPC USAs in Las Vegas next month.

Considering her athletic focus, it’s not surprising Allison’s legs are outstanding—check out this impressive photo comparison featuring her calves unflexed and flexed—but her impressive back, shoulders and triceps are also a badge to her progress in the gym and other sports (like gymnastics and basketball) she has played.

An honors graduate of Cal State Fullerton, Allison is an academic as well athletic standout. She didn’t start working out until college but was a quick study, soaking-in knowledge that she now passes along as a personal trainer. She plans to continue to educate on health and fitness in a variety of ways.

Allison’s balanced symmetry and muscle proportion give her physique a flowing, elegant quality that perfectly compliment her beautiful, natural look. She’s one to watch, whether on stage collecting a trophy or in a magazine with her picture on the cover and her byline next to a training article.

Someday, maybe all three.

* * *

Dean: You were a track and field & soccer star in college. Which university did you attend and what were some of your top achievements? What else did you study?

Allison’s stats: Age: 25; Height: 5’3 ½; Weight: 116; Hometown: Whittier, California.

Allison: “I graduated with Academic Honors and a BA in Business Administration (concentration in Marketing) from California State University, Fullerton. Walking onto the track team was one of the best decisions I made in college. I learned so much from being a part of the team and actually earned a scholarship from placing 8th in the long jump at the West Coast Regional Championships my first year.”

Dean: Were you always athletic growing up? When did you first start working out with weights?

Allison: “I found my love for sports when my parents allowed me to join the local AYSO soccer team at the age of 10. I loved the game, the competition and being part of a team which encouraged me to also join gymnastics, dance, basketball, soccer and track and field. I couldn’t keep up with all of the sports in high school so I narrowed it down to soccer, dance, volleyball and track; only focusing on soccer and track and field for my senior year.

“I didn’t start working out with weights until I got to college and I have to admit that it was a little intimidating at first. After learning about technique and seeing the results it became my favorite part of practice. I wanted to share this knowledge so I became a part-time personal trainer at the 24 Hour Fitness in my home town.”

Dean: Being in California, you probably knew about bodybuilding and fitness shows. Was it something you always thought about trying? Did you know some competitors?

Allison: “I had always read about bodybuilding and fitness shows in Oxygen and Fitness RX magazine, but had never thought I could get in great shape to compete. I supported a few friends who competed and I soon took an interest in the industry and the sport. After being inspired by a few pro competitors (Amanda Latona and Nicole Wilkins) and my coach, I committed to doing my first competition.”

Dean: Congrats on competing in bikini at the recent California State! Was this your first show? How did you feel leading up to the moment you stood on stage?

Allison: “Thank you! My first show was the GNC 2012 Muscle Contest in Torrance where I placed second in the Bikini C class. Leading up to the Cal Champs I felt great. I was really proud of how hard I had worked and the package that I was going to bring to the stage that day. I had a good experience from the show and it only motivated me to continue to pursue my fitness dreams.”

National Debut: Allison is preparing to compete at the USAs in July. It will be just her third show overall.

Dean: Have you made any other contest plans? Are you looking to stay in bikini or maybe bump up to figure?

Allison: “I plan on competing at the USAs in July and might be stepping up to compete in the figure category soon. After the Cal Champs my coach and I have gone to the drawing board and are finding a solution that will be a great fit for me.”

Dean: You look amazing in your new pics on the site—great symmetry and proportions! How does it feel to have developed your physique to a point where you’re doing fitness magazine-style photo shoots?

Allison: “Thank you! When I first started training in January, I could never have imagined my physique to develop the muscles that I have now. It is so amazing to look at pictures and see that my hard work is paying off. Looking at photos from shoots helps to keep me on my toes and I use them as motivation to keep challenging myself and improving.”

Dean: What else would you like to accomplish in the fitness industry?

Allison: “I am very driven and have many goals that I’d like to accomplish in the fitness industry; to continue to motivate through personal training, to someday be on the cover on one of my favorite fitness magazines, to inspire through blogs, articles, workout DVDs, fitness modeling and much more. Most of all with each and every accomplishment, I want to motivate people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Incorporating working out and eating clean into your everyday life can provide so many benefits that many people are unaware of.”

Allison has made amazing progress in a short time. “I could never have imagined my physique to develop the muscles that I have now…my hard work is paying off,” she says.

Dean: What are some things people always say to you about your physique? Do you remember a moment when you surprised someone (or even yourself) with how strong you really are?

Allison: “I think I have surprised quite a few people, myself including, with my progress. I have gotten so used to my body now that I have to try on a pair of my old pants to remind myself of how far I’ve come. I usually get quite a few compliments on my arms, shoulders and legs which is always flattering.”

Dean: Thanks again for doing this interview and hope we can catch up again! Is there anything else you’d like to promote (website, sponsors, etc.) or any special shout-outs you’d like to give?

Allison: “Thank you for giving me this opportunity! 🙂 I am very thankful to have such a wonderful support group: my family, friends and my amazing coach Chris Lewis and would love to give a special shout out to them.”


~ by Dean Sucich on June 12, 2012.

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