Brett Bauer Figure Debut Completes Longtime Goal

Brett Bauer

Brett Bauer’s figure debut last month at the NPC Grand Prix in Los Angeles was no ordinary rookie show; it was a significant achievement ten years in the making. An interesting fact considering the 32-year-old has been active and fit throughout her life, beginning with cheerleading and dance competitions as early as age seven.

“I first began to train with weights when I was 16,” she told me recently. “I would get up at 5am and go to the local YMCA to workout before I would go to school. Mind you, I really had no clue what I was doing!”

That would soon change. Brett attended the University of South Florida and in addition to her studies became a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor by the time she graduated. It was right around this time that she began to think about competing.

Long Road to Figure

Brett remembers back when she met a pro bodybuilder and starting a diet program along with him. “I saw my body transform in 12 weeks just by being consistent with the diet and training. It amazed me that I could actually eat six times a day and get lean!” She was 21 at the time.

Alas, even though all the signs pointed to her being ready—she was excited to try, had done all the work and was in contest shape—the reality of stepping on stage was still a long, long way off.

That ultimately helped make her debut on this past April 14th even more special. Brett placed top five in her class at the Grand Prix and achieved a major milestone. But perhaps more important was that during the nervous moments standing up there on stage—her physique on point, pretty blonde hair neatly coifed, expressive brown eyes and soft smile gleaming—she overcame whatever lingering doubts or fears that haunted her for years. All while wearing a blinged-out bikini.

Brett’s stats: Age 32; Height 5’4”; Weight 138 (contest), 155 (off season); Hometown: Fairport, New York; Currently: Venice, California.

Competing is discussed so casually in our sport that the courage and grit it takes to actually go through with it is often vastly underestimated. The spotlights may be ready to shine for you, but not always the other way around.

“I had attempted to do a show for such a long time, that stepping on stage was a huge life-changing experience for me,” Brett said. “I found the experience to be very fun and a little surreal knowing that I had finally did it!”

Physique Debut Next Year?

Brett recalls about her first show: “Right before I walked on stage, all I was thinking was that I hope I didn’t trip in those heels! My typical ‘heels’ are Nike shocks!” Now that she’s finally conquered the butterflies, you might think she’d be eager to hit the stage again, but Brett has other ideas.

“Next on my calendar is going to be a photo shoot, not a contest,” she said. “I have not even thought about when a next contest would be.”

I mentioned to Brett that judging by her photos, she looks like she has enough muscle for a run at the physique division. The solidly-built 5-foot-4, 138-pound athlete leaves that possibility open.

“I would’ve initially entered physique if I had known I had enough muscle for that division,” she revealed. “Since I had never dieted down to that extreme, I had no idea what my physique would actually look like on stage. So for the future I may switch divisions if I choose to compete again.”

Brett poses for a gym shot after her long-awaited first figure show in Southern California.

Reaching a Personal Goal

Right now, Brett is focusing on her career in the sports supplement industry. Meanwhile in the gym, she’s working on improving the conditioning in her legs, which took a beating (knee injuries) from the years of dance.

“I would train my legs with light weight,” she recalls, “unlike my upper body where I would always train heavy. I could see how the different training styles showed when I was leaned out for the show. So heavy squats have now become my best friend.”

There may be more competitions someday, but as of this moment Brett’s not really thinking about it. “Maybe next year I will try physique, but nothing is officially picked out as of now,” she said. “I love to train and the journey of prepping, but my goal is not to turn pro… competing for me was a personal goal and for fun.”

Some of the best advice anyone can give to a new competitor stepping on stage for the first time is to just go up there, smile and have fun. Winning isn’t always about numbers on a scorecard—it’s about having fun and being in the best shape of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a blinged-out bikini or a pair of athletic shoes.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 19, 2012.

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