Photoshoot Recap: Emerald Cup 2012

Standing Tall: Lauren Beckman poses after competing at the Emerald Cup. She placed seventh in figure class G.

Except for rain drops that pushed some shoots indoors, it was mostly sunny and clear at the Emerald Cup last weekend. This show is consistently one of the best of the year and with a mix of new and familiar faces on board this year, it looks like that winning trend will keep going. Here’s a quick summary of treats to expect in the weeks ahead…

First we have a trifecta of talent from Eugene, Oregon. Katrinka Danielson and Sara Butler both return to the site fresh from second place finishes in their respective classes. Sara looks like she has a promising future ahead of her in the physique division while Katrinka is just now crossing over from figure. Figure competitor Amy Sundqvist debuts and rounds out the Eugene 3.

Reading about Lauren Beckham’s return to the stage here recently probably left many of you hoping that a reunion in front of the camera was part of the plan—and luckily, it was. In fact, Lauren’s brand new solo shoot is only the beginning; she also has some Sisters in Arms footage coming up as well. Joining Lauren will be the outstanding Rachel Gilmore (who also has a new solo shoot on the way) and fitness overall winner Jacklyn Abrams (who likewise shows off her moves one-on-one in a separate debut shoot) in what figures to be highlight reel stuff with some genuine rising stars of the sport.

Elsewhere at the Cup, Wendy Lindquist and Julie Bilodeau reunite for an encore Sisters in Arms along with individual footage. Plus IFBB pro Lisa Giesbrecht from Canada joins our bodybuilding roster.

Other new shoots include an encore with Janet Gerber, who is currently training for a return to bodybuilding next year after a brief downsizing for physique. Also, Champion Nutrition sales rep Brett Bauer is a new figure girl who placed fifth at the recent Grand Prix in Culver City. More news and pictures to come as they become available.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 27, 2012.

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