Lauren Beckham Returning to Emerald Cup

Back in Time: Posing during a 2007 shoot, Lauren is in the midst of a long-awaited return to figure competitions this year.

The race for the tall class trophy at the Emerald Cup just got a lot more interesting. Figure sensation Lauren Beckham will return to the show for the first time since a smash-hit debut there in 2007 turned the Boise, Idaho youngster into both a rising star in the division and an instant fan favorite.

A lot of important things have taken place in her life since then. Lauren paused her competitive aspirations in order to start a family, but never lost sight of her dream to compete. Now a happily married and proud mom of two, the 27-year-old resumes her figure journey back in Seattle on Friday.

Earlier this week, the resurgent Lauren took a moment to give me an update on her latest contest prep, which she says has been one of the most challenging to date, and shared more on her goals for this season and recent accomplishments, including a first-place tune-up in a local NGA show.

“I have made some recent changes to my training and nutrition by hiring a coach, Jeremiah Glas, who in the past few months has helped me break a huge plateau,” Lauren explained. “I gained 5 lbs of muscle while dropping a few percentages of body fat. The process was very grueling and extreme, but the change was exactly what I needed! After making such leaps and bounds in my progress and then taking 1st here at the local NGA show, I’ve found just the right amount of confidence that I need to go into the Emerald Cup.”

Lauren will need to place in the top five of her height class to qualify for the national level. If that happens—and there’s a good chance it will—her next turn will be the NPC USAs this summer. If not, the backup plan is the Excalibur in December.

Staked by her new coach and a recharged determination, she talked about some of the results she’s been seeing. “I improved my legs, glute/hamstring tie in,” Lauren said, “filling in little areas here and there to balance them out. The program was very athletic so I know it’s not really an improvement to my physique, but my abilities athletically which pays dividends toward more muscle and symmetry in the long run!”

Just having her back in the spotlight is a pretty big deal, but Lauren has potential for greatness and could be ready to take her game to the next level beginning at the Cup. “I am getting very excited for the show,” she said, “less than a week away!”


~ by Dean Sucich on April 14, 2012.

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