Fawnia Dietrich Coming Soon

Fawnia Dietrich

*Updated version of earlier post with new pictures added from Fawnia’s shoot...

Big news today as popular longtime Canadian fitness model and competitor Fawnia Dietrich is coming soon to the site, donning a mesh top in a solo shoot and appearing later with bodybuilder Erica Cordie in a Sisters in Arms segment.

Fawnia has been a fixture on the Canadian stage and top selling fitness magazine cover girl since 1999. She last competed in 2009, placing second in figure at the Fitness America. The 36-year-old now lives in Las Vegas, where she’s a certified pole dance instructor and owns a studio, said to be the first of it’s kind, teaching pole dance fitness classes along with the usual exotic fare.

Fawnia also has her own website, Officially Fawnia, where she talks about growing up in British Columbia, playing volleyball, dancing, running crosscountry in school, and her first set of five-pound dumbells she received when she was 13. “I simply moved them around any way I could,” she writes. “Doing curls, shoulder presses and lying on my back and working my chest was my first workout.”

There’s still a few late season surprises to reveal but having Fawnia in the queue definitely wraps up a year full of great new faces with a platinum blonde bow, which is the best kind of all.


~ by Dean Sucich on March 3, 2012.

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