New Blog Design: Your Thoughts?

Banner Act: Cover-worthy figure girl Michelle Krack poses for a shot by the fountain.

With a new season on deck it seemed like a good time to change things up around here and decided on this new look for the blog. A little hesitant trying a dark background with light type but this was the neatest and most readable, although the font is a little smaller, I think, than the old one. The two-pane banner at the top is wider, allowing more models to be pictured and it’s a fresh touch. From left to right, Amber Jacobs, Michelle Bates, Michelle Krack and Rauchelle Schultz are the latest headliners. As always, look out for a new banner from time to time. (I’ve already been tinkering with a new one with Lauren Beckham and others.)

But anyway, what do you think? Vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether you like the new look in the poll on the sidebar to the right. I was worried it might be a flop but so far it’s looking good (last count was a decisive 19-2 in favor of the new look). I‘m glad many of you are liking it. Thanks for the feedback.


~ by Dean Sucich on February 9, 2012.

One Response to “New Blog Design: Your Thoughts?”

  1. It’s clean and it doesn’t burn the eyes with too much contrast, which is good, since I see a lot of fitness related blogs of that nature. =)

    Generaly, I’m not a big fan of dark layouts unless it’s a music/entertainment related site.

    While it’s not my preference, you guys did a good job. Keep it up.

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