Bodybuilding Champ Janet Gerber Turns to Physique

If you had a “wow” moment watching Janet Gerber’s expert moves during clips from her shoot at Jr. Nationals over the summer, there was good reason. The raven-haired beauty learned how to hit the poses as a standout lightweight bodybuilder, winning the overall at the NPC Florida State Bodybuilding Championships in Orlando last year, before shifting to physique’s short class in 2011.

Here’s some great highlights of Janet’s winning routine in her home state. Note where she took her class and then used a solid combination of conditioning, symmetry and balance—plus more of that perfect posing and presentation—to beat a bigger competitor for the overall crown.

Out of three physique shows this past year, Janet’s best finish was only ninth at Jr USAs, astonishing considering her polished look and previous success. Odds are good that the Team Body Tech member will rebound quickly and won‘t be an afterthought in the division by this same time next season. She’s too impressive to be flying under the radar for very long.

Meanwhile, now that you’ve seen video it’s time to sneak a peak at photos from Janet’s first shoot which hopefully won’t be the last.


~ by Dean Sucich on December 14, 2011.

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