Post-Nationals Interview with Cassie Rowe

Cassie Rowe

Making a late push for best new model of the year is North Carolina lassie Cassie Rowe, a bright new star of the physique division after a dazzling fifth-place finish (out of 30 competitors) in the tall class at this year’s historically competitive NPC Nationals. The 25-year-old began the spring as a figure competitor but a pair of disappointing finishes—ninth at Jr USAs followed by the dreaded “did not place” at Team Universe—prompted the late-season crossover and subsequent resurgence.

Cassie’s athletic background and contest history suggests this latest switch was in the cards all along. The beautiful former competitive cheerleader was a figure champ as recently as last fall and a bodybuilding champ back in her teens. She now packs a knockout punch of exquisite good looks and shapely muscle that is on the threshold of greatness.

Big thanks to Cassie for graciously taking time out over the holiday weekend to answer a few questions, reflecting on the big show in Florida, paying heartfelt tribute to her late grandfather—who got her started in the gym—and looking ahead at training and contest plans for what could easily be her breakthrough season next year.


Dean: Having tried bodybuilding and figure, it sure looks like you’ve found the perfect fit in women’s physique. Now that you’ve made your debut, what are some of your thoughts on the new division? Is it the most fun you’ve had competing?

Physique Ingénue: One of the year’s best, a rising star with dramatic peaks, stunning Cassie will be pro card contender in 2012.

Cassie: “I certainly think I have found where I belong and with that being said, I do love the new division. I do, however, feel that it should have at least one more height class. If you look at the other girls I was against in the top five, I’m the tallest one! Plus, the amount of girls in each class was insane!”

Dean: With competitor numbers so high this year, were you a little nervous or extra excited knowing you were participating in the largest NPC show ever? Did you do anything different in the hours before showtime or just stick to a regular routine?

Cassie: “I had mixed emotions about the high number of competitors in the show. I was nervous, but also honored to be able to compete against such great competitors. With the Women’s Physique prejudging starting so late, I had a lot of free time, which was different from Figure. I took my time doing last minute touchups with makeup, sort of got in my zone, and talked to my grandfather (deceased) which is a ritual for me before my shows. He was the one to took me into the gym for the first time when I was 13!”

Dean: Did you make any new friends or have any adventures at the venue or on the trip? Were some other members of your Iron Mulisha training team also there competing or cheering you on?

Cassie: “I drove down to Jacksonville, Florida where my coach, Sarah Long, lives that Monday before the show. I stayed with my good friend Jessica Thomspon Cordova there, who also competes and we had quite the adventure on the drive from there to Miami! I did make some new friends backstage with a lot of the other physique girls.

The figure turned physique competitor with a sexy pose during her Nationals shoot.

“There were not any members of the Iron Mulisha there but I did have many team members with Team Long there for support and that is who does all my diet, training, and contest prep. It was awesome having them there! It’s always great meeting those that have that passion for this sport like I do. These competitions are the one place where I feel normal because I’m surrounded by those who do what I do, unlike the feeling of being an outcast when walking into the store and being stared at like a freak.”

Dean: You definitely finished the year on a very positive note. Now that it’s off season, what sorts of things are you going to focus on in the gym to help you win that pro card next time? Are you planning on a return to Jr. USAs in the spring?

Cassie: “I definitely feel like that Pro card is right at my finger tips so this next prep will definitely be intense but even more motivating. I think my focus will be a lot on trying to develop my abs a little bit more, especially the lower abs. I also may try and add a little size to my legs and middle back. I gave myself this week to sort of eat what I want, no lifting, light cardio, and spend time with friends and family. I will be getting a plan from my coach starting on Monday as far as diet and workouts. I am considering the Jr. USAs, and will hopefully have that decision final within the next couple of weeks. I will be attending the Arnold, but only for networking and to support those who are!”


~ by Dean Sucich on November 30, 2011.

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