Kristin Bogie Keeps Eye on Figure Prize

Figure Competitor Kristin Bogie

Chronicling her fitness journey with her blog on, Kristin Bogie writes proudly about getting that “beach body” that draws so much positive attention. She makes a similar impression in new photos posted early this week from her debut shoot over the summer.

Even though she’s out of Pittsburgh, Kristin sounds as though she’s been plucked from the outdoor gyms of Venice Beach when writing about how it feels when someone pauses in amazement or asks how she’s earned her shapely physique. “I just love it,” she says. “All the vanity of it. Turning heads. Being able to say ‘Yeah, I workout everyday.’”

Click to visit Kristin’s blog.

Backing that irresistible streak of California narcissism, the 29-year-old holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She’s also a personal trainer and co-owner of a new website called JK Fitness, designing diet and workout plans for online fitness enthusiasts.

Click to visit Kristin’s personal training website.

From these details and especially this shot—looking strong and confident showing off her sporty, healthy look in chic workout attire during her shoot at Jr. Nationals this past summer—you wouldn’t guess that Kristin has spent time dealing with her own weight issues.

The personal trainer from Pittsburgh poses during her shoot in Chicago at Jr. Nats.

But that’s exactly the case. Even though she’s a sturdy 5-foot-6 and 127 pounds right now, at one point Kristin’s weight surged to 170, a high number for an avid swimmer and aspiring figure competitor.

Emotionally traumatic events were one reason for the gain, another was a compulsion for excessive junk food—sugary pastries, candy, soda pop—that she still wrestles with today. Fortunately, focusing on a dream to compete has kept Kristin motivated and she’s got three shows under her belt, including one at the national level; but her future figure success might pivot on whether she can get the cravings under control.

“At some point I have to kick myself into gear and just have the will power to ignore the impusive foodie behaviors and keep my eye on the prize,” Kristin writes.

Indeed, at a time when many people regard them as superwomen impervious to the dark specter of unhealthy junk food that haunts the general public, Kristin’s flaws and weaknesses are a reminder that even trained, largely disciplined fitness athletes are still human and therefore sometimes vulnerable to cravings, temptation and binge eating.

It makes her successes all the more important, since it’s an example of how with the right vision and determination those flaws and weaknesses can be overcome.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 30, 2011.

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