Physique Competitor Nikki Warner Coming Soon

Niche of Time: Nikki Warner gets her flex on in the new physique division at North Americans. Photo credit: Jeff Binns

These are definitely some exciting times on the Studio as far as new shoots are concerned. Along with just updated material of resurgent fitness star Amanda Hatfield, today’s news spotlights the terrific fan favorite and cover girl beauty Nikki Warner, who likewise recently resumed competing after a lengthy hiatus. Drawn to the new women’s physique division, Nikki was one of the highlights at the North Americans and finished sixth in a competitive short class, the largest WP class (23) at the show.

A former standout high school and college track and cross country runner, Nikki was also a collegiate national champion in both figure and bodybuilding ranks back in 2003. She’s another promising athlete with the right balance of femininity and muscle to really blossom all over again in the new division. Now that she’s found her niche, the sexy 5-foot-2, 110-pound blonde isn’t slowing down and plans to hit the stage again this November at the NPC Nationals.

We’re just getting started. More to come on Nikki including sample pictures from her new shoot. Meanwhile, be sure to check out her neat and navigable website, the breezy


~ by Dean Sucich on September 16, 2011.

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